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    Oils clumping after adding liquid/lye

    Thank you so much!! This is fantastic information. And it makes perfect sense, too!! I admit I probably do use the stick blender too much. I tend to over-do things, haha!! I saw a silicone whisk at the store the other day. I will certainly pick one up. The oils do tend to be kind of cloudy...
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    Oils clumping after adding liquid/lye

    Thank you! My recipe is: 16 oz coconut oil, 16 oz palm oil, 16 oz olive oil & 2 oz castor. I apologize for my newbie-ness, but I am not sure what "lye concentration" is. I use 7.24 oz of lye and 16.5 oz of raw goats milk. The problem I have is that I freeze my goats milk, put the bowl in a...
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    Oils clumping after adding liquid/lye

    Thanks for the reply! I am using coconut oil, palm oil, olive & a little castor.
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    Christmas 2017

    That is a fantastic New Year's resolution. I'm in! One new soap outside my comfort zone a month for 2018!
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    Oils clumping after adding liquid/lye

    Often, after I add my liquid/lye solution to my oils, I get "clumps" when I begin to blend with my stick blender. At first, I thought the batter went straight to a really, super-thick trace, but when I blend it and stir it, it seems to calm down a little bit. I have been soaping at a very cool...