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  1. Gini

    Should I be making Christmas soap now?

    After running out of all but 3 bars of soap last Christmas, I started soaping for Christmas 2018 on January 20th (plus, I've found some great Christmas scents on sale - yipee!!)
  2. Gini

    ph of olive oil based soap

    LOL! Well, that just figures. Leave it to the law. That's how a tomato legally became a vegetable, in the US. (I think that was a congressional decision.)
  3. Gini

    A harder, bubblier soap

    I just like to play a lot.
  4. Gini

    Funniest Reviews Ever on Amazon

    ROFL - Oh, thank you for a great laugh this morning. So many clever people. (Going back to read more - hehe).
  5. Gini

    Introduction of another newbie

    Perhaps I'm just weepy today; this little anecdote was touching in so many ways. So sorry about your friend's health issues. It's beautiful that you're carrying on her craft and artistry. Welcome! BTW - how does one refer to a person from Oregon? Oregonon, Oregoneon, Oregonite? (Don't...
  6. Gini

    Oat milk soap--what's your method?

    As suggested, try the other thread. In the meantime, many of my soaps are made with oatmilk. I just use a strainer and 100% of the liquid is mixed with lye at my regular lye concentration. I've only had one problem, and that was more likely the FO I used and not the milk.
  7. Gini

    New to forum

  8. Gini

    How are you guys?

    Ah, welcome! As a welcome present I shall offer just a few things you can expect in your new obsession. 1. You'll likely never go down a soap aisle again without picking up something and reviewing the ingredients. 2. Every trip to the store will lead you to the oil aisle- searching for...
  9. Gini

    3d Printer!!

    Okay, keep us posted. It's gonna be a bit until I get my final design. (I'm so jealous of all the things you all can make with that thing.
  10. Gini

    3d Printer!!

    How're things coming with the printer? After many years I've finally got someone on track for a logo, and would love to get a soap stamp when it's done?;)
  11. Gini

    Wholesale Supplies Plus - need to gripe

    I've had my own issues with WSP. Arizona Soap Supply carries CC FOs and also ships. Don't know what their shipping costs are, as I live here. - They've also got Mad Mica FOs :grin:
  12. Gini

    Prep for February Challenge

    Agreed. I made some completely accidentally when a CP batch went stupid. Didn't have any idea what I was doing but sealed it up and rolled it out later. (I thought I was so clever.):roll:
  13. Gini

    Geode Bombs!

  14. Gini

    Stick blender for Christmas!!! :) but there's a catch....

    :crazy: LOL! My mom's visiting and grabbed the box with the brand new Cuisinart stick blender I got at a bargain. She was going to make pancakes! :confused: I launched across the room before she opened it, exclaiming that was my new backup stick blender for soap, and dug out the mixer for...
  15. Gini

    What soapy mistake have you made today?

    Oh, these stories are awsome, and mine pales in comparison. Making last minute lotion bars for last minute buyers - because there's no soap left. I puzzled over why my recipe didn't seem to be yielding as much as usual. :think: Yesterday, after they'd all been packaged and delivered...
  16. Gini

    Christmas 2017

    Yep! It's gonna be happy New Year stuff for my co-workers - again. Luckily they all think I'm a genius for doing this every year :grin: (Don't tell on me.) HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!:santa:
  17. Gini

    Is making soap "just chemistry"

    If memory serves, and it well may not, it seems it was someone who got a little verbal spank for something. He/She lashed a bit calling some pretentious, etc and said "it's just chemistry" in response to other's intense advice. I don't believe it was intended to cover the entire experience of...
  18. Gini

    Christmas 2017

    I find walking (or driving) around looking at Christmas lights lifts my spirits if my spirit tank is a little low. BTW - I don't seem to be able to crochet or knit. The yarn seems to knot up if I look at it from the corner of my eye. (My mom gave up trying to teach me - shaking her head...
  19. Gini

    Bulk Soap Prices

    From your post I'm assuming you have a verbal agreement at this point. If so, the smartest thing you can do is set up a written contract (ask a really good business person or preferably an attorney for some help). Incorporate your understanding of the verbal agreement, which would include the...