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    Bubble bath recipe

    I love taking bubble baths and think it would be fun to start making my own customized bubble bath fragrances. Anyone have a recipe for a basic bubble bath that i can add various fragrance and essential oils too? Or is it easier to just buy a pre-made bubble bath base?
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    Essential oils

    What brand essential oils are best? I've seen so many out there and the prices are so different. I'm assuming the quality oils are more pure and therefore more expensive. Which brands/suppliers should i try? Which should i avoid? Thanks
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    Easter bunny eggsposed

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    Happy Easter

    Happy Easter everyone!!! Hope it was an enjoyable holiday for all. Anyone do anything fun?
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    When should i cut my soap?

    I'm new to the whole cold process soap thing. How long should i wait before I cut it? What will the consistancy of the soap be at this point? Also, what is the best method for storing soap while it cures? Can i store it in tupperware bins? Or does it need to be out in the open, like on a...