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  1. AliOop

    Salon wants to carry my stuff

    I've been a hobby soap maker for almost 10 years now. For the past few years, I have also been making body butters, shower steamers, lip balms and lotion bars (misnomer because they have no water or lotion in them). It's always been just a fun hobby for me. I've resisted selling because I didn't...
  2. AliOop

    Is there an SMF app?

    I have encountered some of the older threads that seem to refer to an SMF app or perhaps forum program that includes SMF. If that is still operable, I'd love to know more about that, and how to use it. Thanks!
  3. AliOop

    Stick blender

    I've broken my second-to-last stickblender. I usually keep three at all times: one for food, one for soap, and one back-up unit in case either of the other two breaks. So, being down to one SB in the house at the moment, that either means no blended soups, or no blended soaps. Y'all can surely...
  4. AliOop

    Cocamidopropyl Betaine allergic reactions

    I saw a friend of mine last night, and her face looked just horrible, with swollen red patches around and under her eyes. She said it had been getting worse over the past week, and her lips were starting to swell. The rest of us urged her to see a doctor immediately because clearly she was...
  5. AliOop

    Ice-dyed scarves and a freaky t-shirt

    Thanks to encouragement from @Mobjack Bay, my grandsons and I tried ice-dying yesterday. It is SO FUN! They each made a beautiful and unique scarf for their mom's upcoming birthday (pics 1 and 2). I threw in one of DH's old t-shirts just as an experiment. I planned a half-flower on the bottom...
  6. AliOop

    Hyaluronic Acid Serum

    @SPowers sorry it took me a bit, but here is the recipe you requested. This is a wonderful serum to use after cleansing and toning, and before moisturizing. I have another version that uses Vitamin C and ferulic acid, but honestly don't notice any difference from this one. I apologize that the...
  7. AliOop

    Homemade Vanilla Stabilizer?

    Found this link to make one's own vanilla stabilizer at a fraction of the cost of pre-made. Have any of you tried making a homemade vanilla stabilizer, using this method or another one? If so, how did it work for you? I apologize in advance if this has been previously addressed, but...
  8. AliOop

    Could I ask for input on my recipe please..

    I use finely ground Himalayan salt in all of my salt bars. I suffer no scratching at all, let alone scarring. I actually add coffee grounds to make it a bit scrubby. So my advice would be not to throw yours out unless you find that they irritate your skin.
  9. AliOop

    My first pull-through batch

    As you can see from the blurriness, my batter was way too thin. And what's up with the orange taking over the universe? Apparently it devoured the purple, blue, and most of the green. The one bar that is all green has a raised pattern on it from the end cap that goes on my homemade PVC cylinder...
  10. AliOop

    Soap, soap, everywhere...

    Who else sees soap-related stuff in everything else around you? Boxes that are the perfect mold shape, pictures that inspire your color selections. C'mon, it can't be just me! For instance, I found a new squeeze bottle for soap designs in my pantry today. It just needs a little clean-up and...
  11. AliOop

    Tussah silk + master/batched lye

    Hi everyone, I’ve searched the threads on tussah silk but not seeing the answer to my question. I have master-batched quite a bit of lye (probably a year’s worth). I didn’t think to add the tussah silk at that time, but have read that at least some of you do include that in your MB. Is there...
  12. AliOop

    Master-batching lye

    I'm about to try master-batching, have read through tons of threads here, and still have some questions that I didn't see addressed elsewhere (if they have been, please indulge me anyway). 1. I'm assuming most of you don't create that master-batch in your storage container. Most of those have...
  13. AliOop

    Uncovered lye solution; does it degrade?

    Hi everyone, I searched the threads on this forum and didn't find the exact answer. I am researching to respond to a specific FB post about uncovered lye solution. Aside from the obvious safety issue (who leaves lye water uncovered?? and why??), and water evaporation, can anyone provide a...
  14. AliOop

    You know you are a soaper when....

    ... you receive a Christmas gift in the mail (a lovely tray of dried fruit in this case), and you immediately dump the fruit into a storage container so you can repurpose the box into a soap mold (perfect size for a test batch), and the wooden tray into a drying rack. #thanksforthedriedfruitmom...
  15. AliOop

    Hi from DFW (Texas)

    Sorry not to say hello here sooner... I jumped right into the forums and started reading like crazy. And I'm already so glad that I found y'all, although I can't quite remember how I got here. It was probably a blog post somewhere. Anyway, I made my first batch of soap about four years ago. I...