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    essential oil????

    essential oil seems to be thrown around so easily and i know ther are a few differant methods to extract the oil so forgive me if this question alarms you :shock: :lol: could you for example use the juice of certain produce as opposed to their essential oil. Lemon is something id like to...
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    Evening Primrose

    Is this the all time cosmetic potion to be worshiped by all. It seems like a miracle oil. Has anyone had any experiance using it??? I think, as they say, too much of a good thing is bad, I also heard it can be dangerous if you take more than recomended. WELL is this really what its name holds up...
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    So i understand emulsifiers blend the ingrediants well, Anyone know any to add to a face lotion. Iv read borax, which i thought was a detergent, and umm beeswax i think might clog the poors :( Help not sure whats available appreciate it thanks
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    Good oils for the face

    hello, there was an earlier convo about carrier oils that I cant seem to find and i had wanted to reply. There waas a really good debate and an amazing breakdown of their clogging ability. Does anyone know what im talking about???????? well im interested in finding out what the difference...
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    face cream

    hey hows it going :) I love eo's and think they are so key to cosmetic and lotion Iv spent more than i should aquiring them and started researching to find out what diminishes stretch marks, that was 10 yrs ago :shock: Well my sister suffers with acne, sensitive, and dry face. Im interested...
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    olive oil face cream

    Hello Im looking to make a face lotion. Iv heard all sorts of things including olive oil. Does anyone make their own and want to share some tips? :D
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    exfoliant soap

    Hello im trying to make a soap bar similar to this AWESOME one, i used at a friends. Does anyone have any ideas to share of things to use for an exfoliant? :? these looked like some sort of seeds but i have used a couple other things, although it seems that especially the more stuff i add the...
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    recipes and where to shop

    Hi guys! im so glad i found this forum im learning so much. What an excellent idea to share good advise. so.. to get to it. Im wondering what ingredients i need to make some good homade soap* Im having trouble finding lye, so im looking for a recipe with alternatives. How about vegetable...
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    soap with no lye?

    my first post..... forgive me but iv never done forums before so bare with me cause im learnin as i go lol im trying to make a homade batch of soap. iv made soap with premade soap but that defeats the purpose. Id prefer to not use any harsh chemicals wich leads to my question. Do you have to...
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    i wanted to know how to make soap and speak with people that have a passion for it... and i had to basically look no further than typing in "soap making forum" in GOOGLE and VIOLA!! cool website!! lookin forward to meeting you!!