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    Trade Show

    Hello, I'm thinking of attending a gift trade show next spring. I'm wondering if anyone has any advice on how much soap to make and have in inventory before attending the show. Does anyone have a formula they have used based on the number of show attendees? Any info is appreciated...
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    Anchoring EOs

    Hello All, I'm fairly new here and do a lot of reading, but not much posting. I've tried some of the ideas on anchoring my EOs in my CP soap. I mix with castor oil, bentonite clay, use patchouli, etc. I'm still losing scent after a month or so. Any suggestions? Thanks, Jennifer
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    Question on Scents - EO and herbs

    I'm new to cp soapmaking. I use natural ingredients and EOs and herbs. I have smelled similar soap (that do not have fragrances) and they are so much stronger smelling than mine. I'm wondering how to get a strong smell from cp soap without using FOs. I'm also wondering what you use as your...
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    Why does all my soap smell like oatmeal?????

    Hi all! I'm new here and have been lurking and reading the posts. There is so much information here. I'm so glad I found this forum. Well I have successfully made two CP batches. I'm hooked. I'm having dreams about soap and I can't go into a store without thinking about what might work...