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    Shampoo Bar

    Moisturizing Shampoo Bar for dry to normal hair Oils (by weight) * Castor - 6oz. * Coconut, 76 degree - 15 oz. * Hazelnut - 10 oz. * ojoba, 6 oz. * Palm, 3 oz. NaOH = 5.4 oz. BY WEIGHT Total Liquids = 15 FLUID oz. YIELD: APPROX. 3 LBS. CURED & DRIED...
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    Warm weather

    It's starting to warm up!!!! (Thank God!) What are some of your favorite summertime activities? I love working out in the yard - working on my garden and just spending time outside. I love to bbq. Steak kabobs are my FAVORITE!!! I also love hiking and camping. I just love spending time...
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    Recipe: Apple mint oatmeal soap

    Apple mint oatmeal soap Ingredients: 14 oz. canola oil 26 oz. coconut oil 3 oz. palm oil 4 oz. rice bran oil 2.4 oz. shea butter 1 oz. cocoa butter 22 oz. distilled water 10.4 oz. lye At trace: 1/2 Cup Oatmeal 3.5 oz. green apple fragrance oil 1 oz. peppermint essential oil...