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    Herb infused oil

    I really want to start infusing oils to use in my lotions and potions. Everything I have read recommends using extra virgin olive oil, which I will for some recipes but I'm not overly keen on the smell of extra virgin, so I have to questions 1.) has anyone tried regular ot light olive oil 2.)...
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    Diving in to MP

    Hello All I'm going to take the plunge and order some MP soap. I have a few questions. Is it as simple as it sounds, do I just melt and pour? Or does it have to be done at a specific temperature? Can I add stuff to it other than FO & EO, things like salt and dried herbs? What...
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    Another Newbie

    Hello Everyone I have been living in NJ for two years, I'm originally from England and will be moving back to the UK at the beginning of next year. I love making my own cosmetics and I love essential oils, I have had a real since I was a teenager and hope to do a couple of courses in...