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  1. Lane

    Welcome to the SMF Family!! Please read this first :)

    Am I doing this right?! It's been almost FIVE years since I was back here!!! Just thought I would stick my head in and say hello. <3
  2. Lane

    Would you feel isolated?

    H!! I haven't visited this forum in almost five years and all of a sudden a got a bump in traffic from this direction. :D I absolutely love my current site, THANK YOU!! So. Much. Work. and I can not believe how much design interfaces have changed in the last couple of years...but so worth...
  3. Lane

    Newest Soaps - First Ess. Oil batches!

    Thanks! Hmmm, let's see...Palm, Coconut, Shea Butter, Castor Oil, Avocado Oil, Palm Kernel, Soybean, Sweet Almond and Canola. ...I tend to make my recipes more complex than they need to be :roll:
  4. Lane

    I've been featured in a blog!

    Awesome! Congrats!! ♥♥♥
  5. Lane

    Packaging Supplies

    I looove www.mygirlfriendshouse.com :D
  6. Lane

    Remember me?

    Hiiiiiii Digit! I remember YOU...so there :P
  7. Lane

    This might be a disaster....2nd UPDATE!

    I think it looks good too! Really love the deep tone!
  8. Lane

    I might have just made my own disaster.

    I use alot of Shea butter and Ive never had a problem with that... But anything over 5% PKO gives me troubles! Super fast trace and I usually over heat in the mold and get a crack along the top.
  9. Lane

    Need help with customer and facial redness

    I have problems with facial redness, I use an Olive Oil soap. It "seems" more gentle. However, I can say that I once read about Tea Tree Oil and helping skin. I tried it once and it made my skin waaay worse! So maybe stay away from that one....
  10. Lane

    Making a Wood Soap Mold DIY

    Looks great! I just had my hubby make me new molds...had a couple little errors, but they work! :wink:
  11. Lane

    A different craft...

    Those look great! We have a shop here that sales ones very similar and yeah, they are between $100 and $150. They must be selling well at that price because there are new ones every week. ..
  12. Lane

    sangria white peach

    Looks great. Love the creamy color :)
  13. Lane

    Girly, swirly pink soap

    These look great, love the pink! Adorable stamp :wink:
  14. Lane

    Newest Soaps - First Ess. Oil batches!

    I just poured at a thicker trace and stuck a spatula in and out of the top of the log, about and inch and a half deep. :)
  15. Lane

    Remember me?

    I really want to thank everyone for such a warm welcome! Its awesome seeing so many of the same "faces" and so many new members! ♥
  16. Lane

    Castor oil

    Same thing happened to me a few days ago! I usually use 15% in my recipes, as we have really hard water around these parts and castor really helps the lather factor. I can only use that much castor while working under temps of 90 degrees.
  17. Lane

    Cheap thrills...

    Thrift shopping! I looove Goodwill, mostly for old kitchen gadgets. My daughter suggested buying a popcorn maker (way cheaper and healthier than buying prepackaged microwave popcorn) We went hunting around and found one for $2.00! Works like a dream :D
  18. Lane

    Newest Soaps - First Ess. Oil batches!

    Thank you so much everyone! I had a heck of a time with the EOs over heating and having a long crack along the top of the soap log. Thank goodness I did the thick peaks on top...it hides the crack a little bit!
  19. Lane

    Remember me?

    Wow! Thanks everyone!! And welcome back to you Wilson!! Yeah, I had to take a break from the computer for a bit too.....
  20. Lane

    Newest Soaps - First Ess. Oil batches!

    I thought I would try something new and not use colorants or FOs (scented with EOs) I tried to make my pictures a bit more "artsy". I'm a HUGE fan of swirls and bright colors so it was hard restraining myself with these batches! :lol: Thanks for looking! Rosemary Mint topped with crushed...