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  1. melinda48

    Daughter-in-law is making candles

    Our son and daughter-in-law own a lavender farm for which I make soap. Our daughter-in-law has begun making candles (beeswax as they also raise bees and harvest honey). She made lavender scented candles but they do not smell at all! Where can I find fragrance specifications for lavender...
  2. melinda48

    Blueberry Lavender?

    My daughter-in-law wants me to make blueberry/lavender soap and chocolate/lavender soap. Will these fragrances work?? Anyone try these combinations? How did it go? Is it worth a try? Just ordered two small silicon molds for doing test batches but would love I put from you all! Thank you. 🌻
  3. melinda48

    2 single loaf molds for sale

    DISCLAIMER: SMF is not responsible for any sale, trade, co-op, pre-buy, fast buy, garage sale, ad or other transactions between members. All parties enter into transactions at their own will/risk. Hope I got it right this time. I have four single loaf molds for sale. They measure: Length = 9”...
  4. melinda48

    Suds - or lack thereof

    I successfully produced my first batch of liquid soap using this recipe: 70% Olive Oil 20% Coconut Oil, 10% Castor Oil 14 oz. Olive Oil 4 oz. Coconut Oil 2 oz. Castor Oil 4 oz. Glycerin (subtracted from the initial water amount - helps speed up the process of getting to the cooking stage). 8...
  5. melinda48

    Weight labeling

    I have generally labeled by soaps using the weight of the bar after curing. Recently, at the local farmers market, a woman bought a bar. She returned the next week to say the bar was lighter than indicted on the label and she preferred not to take this to "the board" of the market. What...
  6. melinda48

    Coconut oil free Shampoo

    I was at a show yesterday and had a customer who is allergic to coconut oil ask if there are any shampoo products without put coconut oil. I told her that I would ask here as I do not make other than cp soap and lotion bars. So, my question is: can anyone recommend coconut oil-free shampooing...
  7. melinda48

    Soft soap

    I made some lavender soap for my son five weeks ago. His intent was to sell it at market tomorrow. Last weekend I shrink-wrapped the soap and took it to him. Today he called to say the soap is very soft. I have never had this happen. I have lots of soap, all shrink-wrapped and none is soft...
  8. melinda48

    “Spicy” Soap

    My daughter-in-law’s Mother’s asked me if I made spicy soaps. She did not mean Christmas spices; just spicy. I have no idea how to proceed. I would love to make her something special for Christmas but am not quite sure what “spicy” means. Any fragrance suggestions would be most appreciated.
  9. melinda48

    Smooth and shiny

    Some of the soaps I see here and elsewhere are so beautifully smooth and shiny. Is there a technique to making soaps look like this or does it depend on how the Soap was cut? Mine are not as smooth and I can’t figure out why. Thanks![/ATTACH]
  10. melinda48

    Insulated cooler?

    I am wondering if it would be a good idea to use an old insulated cooler as a “saponification chamber”? Seems like it would certainly insure that the soapwould heat through. Another quick question-should I treat my bamboo soap cutting frame with Boos Oil so that it won’t dry out and cracker is...