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  1. Sofiepie

    Suppliers in Europe

    I started soap making not so long ago and got most of my products(FO’s and pigments) from the website youwish.com They were the only site i found that sold Brambleberry and Nurtures Garden. They had very fast delivery and good service. The thing is that they are closing this month after being...
  2. Sofiepie

    Strawberry Shake

    I know it is not very christmas-y, but I’ve been wanting to make this Strawberry bar for ages now! Took alot of prep time and practice. First time making my own embeds and piping. The hearts in the middle were a surprise, but a very welcome one! I love it, totally ties the design together...
  3. Sofiepie

    Water and fire

    After making my Fire bar for this months unchallenge, I couldn’t help myself and also made a Water bar! These are the first bars I made that actually kind of turned out as designed! Don’t you love it when a plan comes together..
  4. Sofiepie

    Hello! Introducing myself..

    Heya! My name is Sofie and I’ve been making soap for just a little more than a month. It started with making Christmas gifts for family and friends, but turned into something waaaay bigger. Im watching soaping video’s and insta’s all day and making my own all night long. Designs going trough my...
  5. Sofiepie

    First post! Fresh Green Apple & Orange and Lavender

    Hey guys! I’ve been soaping for little over a month now and I just unmolded my first batch I’m really proud of. Can’t wait to show you! I’ve been experimenting with some stuff in my kitchen and can’t say anything besides.. I’M HOOKED oh my I’ve been watching soaping video’s and insta’s all day...