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  1. Todd Ziegler

    Heirloom apple

    Here is my rendition of the apples that grew in my grandparents orchard when I was a kid. I never new what the name of the apples were but I remember what they looked like. I provided a picture for comparison. I didn't quite get it exactly but it smells like an apple.
  2. Todd Ziegler

    Doesn't look like fruit

    I wanted to make some soap that looked like the fruit that it represents. As you can see, they don't really look like an orange and a strawberry. I'm going to do some carving on them to see if I can get them to look like they are supposed to.
  3. Todd Ziegler


    I made this soap yesterday and I was very excited to see it cut but I am not sure why it crumbled on the bottom and the dark spots near the scraps. I'm guessing that the crumbling and dark spots have something to do with the scraps that I used. However I've never had this problem before with...
  4. Todd Ziegler

    Beer and dragons, what a night!

    The peace, love & Beer soap is for my grandpa. Right before Notre Dame would take the field he would say "I want peace & love in this house and bring me a beer". It was his way of saying shut up while the game was on lol. The 2 holiest days of the year in my grandparents house were Irish game...
  5. Todd Ziegler

    Acceleration and almond oil

    Lard, Pig Tallow (Manteca) 19.43%; Coconut Oil, 76 deg 14.25%; Walmart GV Shortening, tallow, palm 14.25%; Almond Oil, sweet 7.13%; Palm Oil 6.48%; Castor Oil 3.24%; Sodium Lactate 2.27%; Titanium dioxide 8th & ocean FO Has anyone ever experienced acceleration using almond oil? I ran out...
  6. Todd Ziegler

    Making homemade VCS (vanilla color stabilizer), called ZCS

    This is going to be a closed thread for the homemade version of commercial VCS (vanilla color stabilizer), which we are calling ZCS in order to distinguish between the homemade (ZCS) and commercial version (VCS). Formula: 10 ozs distilled water 3 ozs sodium metabisulfate (SM) 3 ozs sodium...
  7. Todd Ziegler

    New technique

    I was trying to figure out something new to try and while I was mixing my mica colors the other day, I noticed at the edges of my beaker that the 2 colors didn't seem to be mixing together. If you look real close you should be able to see a different color around the edges of the dark blue...
  8. Todd Ziegler

    Smoke swirl

    This is what I call a smoke swirl. It is a partially thought out swirl. I control the height and amount when I pour, so I only have partial control of how it turns out. I would appreciate your opinion on whether this looks like an intentional swirl or if it looks like it was done by a...
  9. Todd Ziegler

    Neon nights

    I was getting tired of swirls and thought I would try something different and here it is. I could have went with a bunch of different and obvious names, so I just chose the one I liked.
  10. Todd Ziegler

    Homemade Vanilla color stabilizer (VCS) summary

    Here is the recipe for the homemade VCS which we are affectionately calling "Zigali's color stabilizer or ZCS for short" the acrynim will help distinguish between the homemade and those you buy through a retailer. The recipe of 3 oz metabisulfate and 3 oz thiosulfate in 10 oz water translates...
  11. Todd Ziegler

    Re-released cherriots of fire!

    I had fun with this one. I used cherry FO from SOS and banana (true) from natures garden. I also used my homemade VCS in this one because the banana can turn the soap yellow but it doesn't have any vanillin.
  12. Todd Ziegler

    Introducing Zoolander

    The blue Steel didn't work exactly like I wanted but I like it. On the magnum I couldn't get the temperature hot enough to where I like it for gelling and you can see the outer edge didn't gell. How many of you get the movie reference?
  13. Todd Ziegler

    Mica usage breakdown

    I thought I would post this here in the beginner's section. It is a breakdown of 1tsp-2tsp per pound of oil (ppo) all the way from 1oz to 7.5lbs. I hope you find it useful. If you find any mistakes, please let me know and I will fix it. Just copy and paste it. MICA & COLORANTS 1-2 tsp (PPO)...
  14. Todd Ziegler

    Uncle Charlie

    Here is a soap that I made 2 days ago and I'm only posting it because I am surprised just how white the soap is without the use of titanium dioxide or a white mica. I have included the recipe so that you can see what I used. A little bit of the blue mica got all the way through some of the...
  15. Todd Ziegler

    Proper choice for this shortening

    I went online to find the ingredients and it said tallow, lard and soybean. I don't know what choice to use for the soap calculator?
  16. Todd Ziegler

    I can't stop

    I just love making soap. By the time I get to selling next year I should have enough inventory. 1st one is just a pumice soap for my mechanic friends. I used a lime/coconut FO. 2nd one is named after one of my favorite and oldest roses "Jen's Munk". It turned 25 years old this year. I used a...
  17. Todd Ziegler

    Eagles greatest hits

    I thought this looked like the eagles greatest hits album cover but maybe it is just me. The FO is poison apple from nurture soap. It has a very masculine scent but not any apple that I can smell.
  18. Todd Ziegler

    Just a few more

    The blue devil one is our school colors and name. I thought it might be a good selling point locally. Blue raspberry FO 2nd one is some ruby mica with strawberry FO (nurture soap) 3rd one is blue, yellow and pink mica with a mixture of some leftover FO's. beneath the stars (WSP) taste the...
  19. Todd Ziegler

    Orange cream soda

    I know it doesn't really look like a cream soda but it reminds me of the orange soda ice cream floats that my grandmother used to make when I stayed overnight. We would eat one at 11:30 pm and then watch Benny Hill at midnight. So much fun!
  20. Todd Ziegler

    Technique experiment

    I wanted to see how well the color shows up in a pencil line. The pink is slices of a soap that I wasn't fond of. I need to do the slices a little different the next time but I like the way the pencil lines turned out.