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  1. Ryk.dan

    Jewel Weed (Poison Ivy Soap)

    I did a forum search for Jewel Weed soap (Poison Ivy Soap)... found some really good information. Couldn't find where to buy it however... and advice?
  2. Ryk.dan

    Bath bomb request

    I apologize in advance if this is offensive, but I would like to attempt bath bomb making and request a trade secret recipe. I have been looking in as many places as I can to find a simple recipe, with very little success. The bath bombs will be used by my family. Does anyone have an easy bath...
  3. Ryk.dan

    I think my lye was too cold. Not sure what will happen.

    I live in Michigan and its cold outside, so I decided to take advantage off that and cool of my lye mixture a little faster... until I forgot about it and it was really cold. I brought the lye mixture inside and let it set for a couple hours, mixed my oils together and then added the colder...
  4. Ryk.dan

    I found a very helpful article.

    If I am not allowed to post articles please remove. But this article answered a lot of the question I have about EO and FO. Learn the Real Differences Between Fragrance and Essential Oils
  5. Ryk.dan

    Measuring for my mold...

    I have my rectangular mold i have been using since the beginning and I know how much ingredients I need to fill it. I want to start using circular molds. How do I measure how much ingredients I will need to fill them? This has to be a simple fix, but I am either making way too much or not...
  6. Ryk.dan

    I'm a newbie.

    Hello all. I am a newbie to this forum. I just started reading your posts (enjoying them too) and have been making soaps for about 2 years. I make simple, non-complex recipes that have been family, friend and coworker favorites for a while now. Can anyone tell me what I need to do to sell in...