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  1. Lane

    Newest Soaps - First Ess. Oil batches!

    I thought I would try something new and not use colorants or FOs (scented with EOs) I tried to make my pictures a bit more "artsy". I'm a HUGE fan of swirls and bright colors so it was hard restraining myself with these batches! :lol: Thanks for looking! Rosemary Mint topped with crushed...
  2. Lane

    Remember me?

    Hey everyone! Sorry I've been gone so long. :oops: Its been a crazy eight months...Moved from Vegas back to the Midwest, and now we are moving again, closer to a larger Midwest city. *whew* I super excited to see what everyone has been up to!
  3. Lane

    Supply Bundles -- PICTURES!

    I have two supply bundles for sale that I need to sale THIS week. Hope I can help a fellow soaper out. :) PM ME if you want either or both of these. THANKS! ♥♥♥ Everything is *mostly* new and full. Over $150 in supplies. Selling for $60 with $13.00 Flat Rate shipping. Full pounds of: Jojoba...
  4. Lane

    Moving Sale! Need to clear stock and supplies.

    Hey everyone. Sorry I have not been around a lot. :cry: Things are extremely crazy right now. I will be back in full force mid September! I really look forward to chatting it up with everyone again! I miss you guys :cry: I need to clear my stock, big time...everything is on sale in my etsy...
  5. Lane

    Where in the world is Lane....

    I miss chatting in the forum. *pout* :cry: In the last week or so, I have gained four new wholesale accounts and have sold out of my Soy products, twice. I am now at a point I have to buy bulk. WOO! Boo because I move in about three weeks and loose about 300 square feet of space... :x...
  6. Lane

    New site published!!!!

    *Whew* After a steady 200 hours coding and building, my new site is published!!! I still have to add the page titles and pictures (I get my new photo studio tomorrow! :D ) Please visit and let me know what you think? I will still be fixing little things here and there so let me know if...
  7. Lane

    Turtles and Puppies and Dinos...Oh My!

    Completely forgot I had these molds.... The soaps are huge...weighing between 5 and 6 ounces...That's pretty big for MP... Amazing what one finds while looking for tissue paper :roll: Which of course led to finding these molds...which led to staying up until 3 am making soap...which led to...
  8. Lane


    Can someone please tell me how to code my website to be centered and not far left??? PLEEEEEEASE HELP ME.... :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
  9. Lane

    Plastic Tealight cups. HELP!

    Arrrrrggggghhhhh! I have ordered plastic tea light cups from four different companies now and they all have these little plastic tabs in the bottom that hold the wick up. Because the wick is elevated, the wax doesn't completely all melt away. At first I thought it was a wick problem. I was...
  10. Lane

    Label problems :(

    I am having a heck of a time developing new labels for my products. I finally broke down and bought a new printer today. WooHoo for that... What type of label programs do you all use? (Tab, I LOOOOOVE your labels!)
  11. Lane

    Would you feel isolated?

    I'm currently over hauling my website. 100% completely. My current site (www.LuxuryLaneSoap.com) has a very alternative, very different feel and approach. It is one of the only B&B shops that has a black based color system... Well, I started building that site nearly 2 years ago and now...
  12. Lane

    Gift Basket Ideas

    I was working on a custom order this weekend, and I took some pictures and it hit me... This would make the most adorable gift basket set! The individual items priced together at only $38.00!!! Some ribbon, a nice basket, some fluff, maybe a nice soap dish/candle holder. I'd say I have my $50.00...
  13. Lane

    Dyes in lotion? What do you think?

    I carry two lines right now, one aimed towards all essential oils & dye free, and another aimed towards color and fun fragrances. I was going to split them up and have two shops, but my customers LIKE having a place to buy different items and types in one place... Anywaaaay... I was thinking...
  14. Lane

    Successful MP embed! Woo!

    I have been trying to get these fish soaps not to melt, or fall apart, when I embed them and I finally (at like 2am this morning :roll: ) got a full successful eight bars! I cut one in half and used it in the shower and it didn't come apart! Woo! Had to share. :D They are scented Ocean. Even...
  15. Lane

    Tooth ache

    ARRRRGGGHHHH! :evil: The side of my face feels like it was hit with a hammer. *grumble* Any secrets to dealing with a multiple tooth ache, sinus & ear infection? I can't get to the dentist for another ten days. I had a bad tooth about a year ago and now it has taken over my entire face...
  16. Lane

    Moving situtaion..

    So my husband is in school & works full time. He has been working 60 hours a week plus trying to fit in 20 hours at school. He fell really behind in his classes because he can't even stay awake. (He gets up at 3.30am works till 3.30pm and goes straight to school and works until 8.30pm) Anyway, I...
  17. Lane

    Floral waters & incense cones

    A friend just gave me 32 ounces of Australian Rose water... :? Any good recipes? Can I add it to lotion, just as I would add distilled water? Or in hair conditioners? Most places say you can use it in place of water....but has anyone had any experience doing that? I was also given a pound of...
  18. Lane

    Most adorable drawing ever!

    I sent my family a bunch cute animal glycerin soaps, and as a thank you, my Brother in Law drew this cute picture of "What your soaps do when you aren't looking..."
  19. Lane

    Photo/Light Box...Testing out bulbs and light sources. PICS!

    So I got the photo box built and I have been testing different light sources...I am still testing light sources and will post more pictures soon! I literally took these pictures while my husband was still taping up the back of the box. :lol: Supplies: Hubby building: Set up...
  20. Lane

    Cp and Essential Oils...Your input would be great!

    I am very new to using essential oils. :oops: I'm a huge FO fan...but I really really want to start working with a few EOs. I'm also a fan of Gelling....will that kill the EO? Thinking I may go to doing rebatch...any good rebatch bases out there? Any good/bad experiences using EOs in your...