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  1. Satinfox

    Have you seen anything like it before?

    Hello Everyone! I have a picture of a soap that I just made. It has small brownish orange spots throughout the loaf. I checked each oil in a single oil test to rule out Dreaded Orange Spots or DOS. The only thing I could think of was the additives that I used like sugar and goat's milk...
  2. Satinfox

    How many soap makers get insurance?

    Hello fellow soap makers, I have been considering soap making insurance and wondered how many others actually get the insurance. I have never used the polling option before so I hope this turns out right. Thank you to those who participate!
  3. Satinfox

    New Soap Cutter

    Hello Everyone :)! I just purchased a new soap cutter online. I have never used a soap cutter with a wire before but I have seen it on the internet. I see the other soapers sliding their loaves along and cutting to their hearts content; but, when I try to do that I notice that there are...
  4. Satinfox

    Formulating Soap Recipes

    Hello Fellow S:)oapers, I wondered if anyone has taken The Formulating Soap Recipes course which is part of Kenna’s unique Suds & Success Workshop Series? If so, did you find it helpful? We are looking for a course that explains methods to create a soap that is not drying or does not get...
  5. Satinfox

    Soybean oil with citric acid

    Hi everyone, We were at Sam's Club and saw soybean oil but the ingredients also had citric acid. I heard that citric acid in soap making requires more lye. Can I use this oil without changing the lye calculations? Will the citric acid impede saponification?
  6. Satinfox

    Hello All

    Hello All, Started making soap several months ago. It all started with a question "What to do with ashes?". After finding out how to make lye from ashes and actually doing it...soap making took over. Now the kitchen is a soap factory/lab. There is a lot to learn and experiment with. Glad...
  7. Satinfox

    Separation or glycerin river or something else

    Hello all, I have a few pictures of soap that was poured yesterday, unmolded today and cut. The bars came out with oil oozing out. I used : Castor oil 15% Tallow beef 70% Olive oil 15% 2 tablespoons goat milk powder 2 tablespoons powder sugar 1/4 teaspoon titanium dioxide 1/8 teaspoon of 3...