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  1. AliOop

    Liquid shampoo recipe formulating?

    ^^^Ditto. There might even be some basic shampoo recipe threads here. If not, a $1 per month subscription to SwiftyCraftyMonkey will turn up a few that you can tweak.
  2. AliOop

    SMF January Challenge 2021 – Planet/Galaxy Soap

    Yes to gelling; it was 100% CO so it started gelling on its own before I even got it covered and insulated. So it sounds like the FO is the culprit. I'll try it again in another small batch without FO, where I add it to the batter, instead of the oils. Thanks!
  3. AliOop

    The word association game

  4. AliOop

    New to the group but not to soaping :)

    Welcome! :)
  5. AliOop


    @KiwiMoose you are on a citric acid kick today. ;) Even the same formula that @linne1gi shared in the other thread. 🤯🤯
  6. AliOop

    The 4-letter game

    Ophelia watched Everett's rear. ☺ (Sorry, is that too racy? I figured it was time for Ophelia and Everett to meet one another). EHPO
  7. AliOop

    Contender for most ridiculous question asked

    I would put sugar or perhaps grated unsweetened coconut in that tin. Both absorb scents and flavors fairly well, and can be used to garnish the tops of cookies, etc.
  8. AliOop

    Using pure olive oil w/EO on aging face?

    @Aromasuzie we like a lot of the same expensive things. :rolling:
  9. AliOop

    SMF January Challenge 2021 – Planet/Galaxy Soap

    @bookreader451 Oh, I'm glad to talk to someone else with experience with this mica. I used 2 tsp for 500g of oil. Do you think that was enough? As noted, I stirred it into the melted oils before adding lye. The color was a beautiful shimmery dark navy. It didn't look like I could add much more...
  10. AliOop

    Using pure olive oil w/EO on aging face?

    Wendy, I am a few years older than you are, and I have dry mature skin that is prone to breakouts. Yes, pimples AND wrinkles together! 😭 I just react horribly to all hair products, but have dry curly hair that is prone to frizz. So, I bounce between using no hair products and having a clear...
  11. AliOop

    SMF January Challenge 2021 – Planet/Galaxy Soap

    two words: Freezer trick. Put it in now, and take it out in about 30 minutes. You still have a little over two hours to get your pics posted in the entry thread. ;)
  12. AliOop

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    @linne1gi 😍🥰🤩
  13. AliOop

    The 4-letter game

    It's truly scorching! Gah!! SCOR
  14. AliOop

    The word association game

  15. AliOop

    The "One Recipe" Theory - Question

    @Aromasuzie SoapDaddy is right - most veteran soapers recommend against using expensive/exotic oils in soap. Not only is it a wash-off product, it's also unclear whether any of the beneficial oil properties survive saponification. Plus, most of us can already make amazing soap with much more...
  16. AliOop

    The "One Recipe" Theory - Question

    I totally agree with making the soap you want to make... as long as you run each and every recipe through a lye calculator before making it for the first time. Even the best authors and soapmakers make typos.
  17. AliOop

    Sacrifice longevity/hardness for design

    @SoapDaddy70 I'd take Carolyn (cmzaha) up on that offer if I were you. Whatever she shares, you can take it to the bank. Maybe quite literally if you ever start selling. ;)
  18. AliOop

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    @TashaBird, problem? I don't see no problem. (because if I did, then many of us on SMF would have a "problem.") 😜
  19. AliOop

    January 2021 Challenge Entry Thread - Planet/Galaxy Soap

    The background of this soap was supposed to be dark navy blue (Nurture). Since this batter was going to move fast, I mixed the color and the fragrance into the oils. It was a gorgeous deep navy, but it all morphed to gray when I added the lye. 😭 It's turning bluer as the day goes on, but I have...
  20. AliOop


    Check out MarieGale.com for more rules about labeling. Not sure how much of it applies to Canada as opposed to the US.