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  1. J

    Palm Springs, California

    Does anyone know of a good supply store in the Palm Springs area? I know I can order online but hoping there is some place close that I can pop into for supplies.
  2. J

    TOG Molds

    I know some people won't agree with me and there has been a lot of discussion about TOG molds but even with all the bad rap I knew the design has been much improved. I went ahead (even though I was very nervous since they are not cheap) and ordered a slab and log mold. I soaped the slab mold and...
  3. J

    Looking for Packaging.

    Does anyone know where I can get these? I love the look of them and can't find them anywhere.
  4. J

    Chef's Soap????

    I saw an add for a Chef's soap made from an "old authentic" recipe or something like that. I would love to make a "Chef's Soap" I tried to google for a recipe with no luck. Anyone heard of this or have a recipe they may like to share?
  5. J

    Studio A La Mode ROCKS!!!

    OMG!!!! Janet made me the most AMAZING dragonfly bracelet. It is so unusual and is sooooo like me. Her stuff is AMAZING!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!
  6. J

    I made Massage Melts

    I made lotion bars today. I have being meaning too for the loooongest time. Only made a very small batch and haven't tried them yet but I am sure I will be as addicted as everyone else.
  7. J

    Tanya's Mother's Day Pic.

    Just got the new issue of the Saponifier. Tanya's picture looks so great in it. It's even on the Contents page. I am all excited. Good for her!!!!!
  8. J

    My first soap cake.

    It is ground up rose petals with an English Rose FO. Smells really good and hopefully when I cut it there are white swirls throughout. I can see great swirls on the bottom but not on top but we'll see if they made it most of the way through.
  9. J

    Lindy came up with a fantastic idea!!!!!

    Lindy came up with this idea to match my avatar. It is clear M & P and I scented it with a Rain FO. It is the first time I have used M & P and assumed it would be clearer. I melted it in the microwave. Next time I am going to try melting in a double boiler. I love the idea. [/img]
  10. J

    Another attempt at a swirl. "Cut pics." Turned o

    I attempted another swirl today and I might have swirled a little too much and the colour is not quite what I was trying for but all in all it looks like it will turn out. [/img]
  11. J

    Question about Slab Mold dividers

    I am just curious about the dividers in the slab molds. Do you put them in after you pour the soap or do you pour the soap into each individual compartment?
  12. J

    Yesterday's batch

    Lavender Cream. I made this with lavender water that I infused awhile ago and then added additional scent of Lavender EO and Honeysucle Eo. I used Ultramarine Purple for my swirl attemp (they're getting better) and added some 1/2 and 1/2 at trace. I disolved a small amount of Tussah silk in...
  13. J

    Freezing goat milk

    I know that most of you are freezing the goat milk to a slushy state before adding the lye when making GM CP but should I do this if I am using powdered goat milk?
  14. J

    Finally happy with soap!!!!!!

    This weekend was a good one. Everything turned out and I am very happy. Made a Citrus soap, a Carrot-Orange soap and a Cucumber-Tea Tree soap. They all turned out (for once!) and smell good (at least for now). Today is a good day.[/url] [/img]
  15. J

    Weird question.

    Since I live on the Pacific Ocean I was thinking about using the salt water from the ocean as the water mix with the lye when I'm making CP soap and calling it something with reference to the ocean but don't know if this would be practical or not r if it's just a BAD IDEA. Any thoughts?
  16. J

    Help with crumbly soap please.

    I typed up a long rambling post about my crumbly soap and have no idea where it went. It just disappeared in the void. I made soap a few weeks ago and it came out of the mold o.k. but when I went to cut it, it crumbled into little pieces. I gave it the "zap" test a few muinutes ago and no...
  17. J

    Laundry Starch?

    I have a new soap book and there are some bath bomb recipes that use laundry starch. I'm not quite sure what it is. Can anyone tell me what it is or what I can use instead?
  18. J

    Just curious if there is anyone here from Holland

    I am in Canada but am Dutch and have lots of family there. I am always interested in anyine from the Netherlands.
  19. J

    Help with colouring and swirling, please.

    What is the best way to colour and swirl soap? I have been reading up on it and it seems like there are several ways. I received a bunch of used soap making materials and there are dyes in the box but I don't know how to use them. I assume they are for soap but there was also make-up making...
  20. J

    Hello Everyone.

    I am relatively new to soapmaking and have only made it a few times. I AM SOOOO HOOKED!!! Any tips or unusual creations would be helpful. I live in an artsy type small town and EVERYONE (O.K. maybe jsut A LOT of people) sells soap here. I am looking to do something a little different.