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  1. Best Natural Soap

    Need reliable info on max use limits

    Hi all- Anyone know of a good website with recommended use limits on things like EO's, oxides, etc.? Each supplier I use offers them, but it would be nice to have one, bookmarked site that tells all. Thanks!
  2. Best Natural Soap

    Pomace vs. Reg. olive oil

    Does anyone use Pomace? I haven't tried it, but it seems to be just a bit less expensive than regular olive oi. What differences would it create in the bars?
  3. Best Natural Soap

    Food Sprinkles on Soap

    Who out there has used cake sprinkles, non-pareils, edible glitter, etc. on their soap? I saw some really cute molded soaps at WSP's facility that had these on them. Didn't think to ask then, do they hold up? Or, do they bleed and fall apart? I would think that because the soap has moisture...
  4. Best Natural Soap

    Importance of Iodine value?

    what's the importance of the iodine value that soapcalc gives?
  5. Best Natural Soap

    Action Needed Please!

    It happened again!! The non-partisan site, Open Congress, found a comment I made to a Stacy Malkin article, and posted it on their homepage representing the opposing position on HR 5786, The Safe Cosmetics Act of 2010. I had found an article titled, "Why We Wrote the Story of Cosmetics," by...
  6. Best Natural Soap

    Study on Antioxidants in Soap

    Anyone out there have some extra money burning a hole in their pocket? This is a link to a study that was done regarding the efficacy of antioxidants in soaps. Unfortunately, to view the report, you need to pay money. Hmm. It's a question that comes up often, and if I was feeling rich, I...
  7. Best Natural Soap

    Speak Now, or Go Out of Business!

    HR 5786 Safe Cosmetics Act 2010 needs ALL of our attention. As written, it could wipe us all out of business. If not totally defeated, it needs our input and re-writes. TOGETHER WE BARGAIN!! :) DIVIDED WE BEG. :( Please consider taking a stand on this. Here is the most recent blog I wrote...
  8. Best Natural Soap

    Does Gelling have any effect on Scent?

    I was just thinking... If EO's (and maybe FO's too) are negatively effected by heat, then would not gelling your batch make the scent hold up better?
  9. Best Natural Soap

    Pics of new soaps

    Just wanted to post this link to my blog- PICTURES!!! of my newest soaps, and a few creatively placed notes about the Safe Cosmetics Act of 2010, which could kill our small soap businesses. Consider taking a stand on this issue! It effects all of us! Feel free to leave me comments there as...
  10. Best Natural Soap

    First attempts at "YummyScrumptious" Bars

    Hi all! Excited to share these first attempts at a new technique shared by Lyn- thank you for all your encouragement!! Top one is "Purification" (scented with EO blend of the same name by WSP) colored with Alkanet root (it's paler in person, a soft flannel gray) This one is...
  11. Best Natural Soap

    Wanted- Tank Soap Cutter

    Anyone out there have (or know of) any lightly used tank-style commercial grade cutters for sale? Message me please!! :) :) :)
  12. Best Natural Soap

    How do you get this look?

    Ok- so it's a blue soap. Not very different, really. But, does anyone have any suggestions for how to make a "fluffy" sort of shaped soap like the one in the link? My bars are all very rectangular, and the soap batter fills in the mold to make corners... I would love to make some with a soft...
  13. Best Natural Soap

    Don't Say You Never Get a Bedtime Story Anymore...

    I found this link and just HAD to share!!!!! Thought it might make a nice little bedtime story for all of us soapcrafters. http://www.canis-art.com/soaping.htm Enjoy! Nighty Night! Don't let the wolves bite! :wink:
  14. Best Natural Soap

    Totally freaking out!!!!

    Ok. A vendor coordinator for a very large show (9 days, 250,000 people), has emailed me three times now begging me to participate. She lowered the booth fee for me- and is offering me an indoor a/c'd space for half the price of a usual outdoor one. My family and I have attended this fair for...
  15. Best Natural Soap

    EO's fading...

    i've been using about 5T EO's to 4# oil in my latest batches. Does that seem about right? If I added more, would the scent last much longer? Or, just be stronger to start off? My customers want natural, so fading scents may just be the nature of the beast, I think. If I add scent fixers...
  16. Best Natural Soap

    Pretty Salt Bar Soap

    Yay!!! My first attempt at a salt bar worked!!! Thanks to all my soap buds who helped out and gave me advice. I never coulda/woulda without your help! I used a couple older soap scraps in blue and green as a stir in. I like the effect of the speckles. :D :D
  17. Best Natural Soap

    Um- I don't think this looks right...

    So, I followed a suggestion by another forum member, and chose to use coconut milk in place of water for a salt bar today. Fearing that the coconut milk would burn, I placed my lye pitcher in a utility sink full of ice, and SLOWLY added my lye to the milk. It went in beautifully. I got no...
  18. Best Natural Soap

    Photos of my Latest Successes!

    I've been a busy girl this week! I'm so happy with how these turned out!!! Just HAD to share! http://barsoapnatural.com/blog/natural-bar-soap-new/ (sorry it's a link-- still having issues posting pics here!!) Any suggestions/help is greatly appreciated (and desperately needed)...
  19. Best Natural Soap

    Rebatching with an oven bag!

    Has anyone ever tried rebatching using an oven bag?? I read about this on another forum, and want to try it with my soap scraps-- The person recommended grating relatively new soap with a salad shooter (don't have one, but sounds good!), and putting it into an oven bag (the clear sort you...
  20. Best Natural Soap

    Embed Molds

    Does anyone use tall, vertical "embed" molds to make shapes to lay inside their loaves, so when you cut the bars, there's a shape inside? 've been scouring the internet and can't find many. I found a heart, and a circle...