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  1. J

    Slow trace, hard bar, frothy AND big bubbles, I want it all.

    Ok, fessing up. I have bought CP soap colors since I want to swirl like you guys so beautifully do, BUT, that means a slow tracing recipe and those typically don't lather nearly as much as I like. I like suds almost as much as I like shopping for fragrances, which, let's be honest, is the real...
  2. J

    The Chemistry Store Lebermuth FO sale

    Hi Ladies & Gents, I did a quick and probably not thorough enough forum search and saw a few of you wanted to give Lebermuth's FO's a soaping chance. The Chemistry Store is selling quite a few of Lebermuth FO's pretty cheaply as of Wednesday. Among the sale items was Japanese Cherry Blossom...
  3. J

    A complex Lemon Verbena that sticks?

    I've triend ScentWorks Lemon Verbena, am happy with the high quality of their frangrance oils in general, but the Scentworks Lemon Verbena does not permeate a cured Cold Process soap very well. Part of the issue is the low flashpoint I think- anything at or below 140F tends to vape right out...
  4. J

    CP Soap Mold Recommendations

    I am getting ready to move on to the big girl molds- those that make a batch of ~12 bars (4oz or so). What I have now makes 6. They are silica CP molds. I like them & they've done great but hard to make those beautiful swirls you all are so good at making. Any particular mold you guys...
  5. J

    Reducing soda ash-inputs and experimenters needed!

    Hi Group! This thread is being pushed into a separate category to get feedback from you all as a means to find out if the quality of lye used in combo with purified water yields batches of soap that experience less soda ash development. Please experiment and post results from batches that have...
  6. J

    Looking for a really nice Bayberry scent for soap

    Anyone have a recommendation for a Bayberry scent for soap? The scent I am thinking of is the deep, green, spicy scent, no musk or little musk though. The Scent Works has one, New England Bayberry and it sounds perfect but I've sometimes been dissapointed with the fragrances there. Love, love...