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    feels sticky when I wash my hands with it

    My current castile soap feels drying and sticky for handwashing. I want to create a liquid hand soap. My friend gave me some of her castile soap to use so before I go make my own, I want to figure out how to improve this for a good hand soap formula. First - what causes the sticky feeling...
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    Castile soap delution water

    On the same subject (and I don't mean to hijack this thread) Is there such a thing as diluting it too much afterwards? I have some already-made castile soap and I am adding water to it to dilute for cleaning around the house. Otherwise it gets streaky when I use it on glass and tile. Is it...
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    scaling up

    Bump Anyone?
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    scaling up

    so I've been making small batches of HP soap in a crockpot with a stick blender, and selling them to friends and family, onlinem etc. Around thanksgiving I added a second smaller crockpot and now I make 2 1/2 times the amount of soap every time. I realized I'm now spending several days a month...
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    Help me with my HP shampoo bars!

    Thanks Lindy!!
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    Help me with my HP shampoo bars!

    Oh yes it's a total of 10 oz of liquid I just tired to copy paste efficiently. sorry! I know it says to rinse with ACV but I would rather have this work without having to do a special rinse. I really appreciate the feedback. I was concerned it was the waxes. So is the next step to...
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    Help me with my HP shampoo bars!

    I've been making HP soap for a few years and decided to try a shampoo bar. I got the recipe here: http://frugallysustainable.com/2011/12/shampoo-bar-soap-recipe/ Luxurious Shampoo Bar Soap Recipe -9 ounces coconut oil -9 ounces olive oil -5 ounces castor oil -3 ounces jojoba oil -2 ounces...
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    eep I screwed up!

    I just made a gigantic double-batch of soap. I don't know how or why this happened, I usually make it with, half olive oil and the other parts palm and coconut oil - but this time I made it with equal parts olive oil and coconut oil (40 oz each) with the amount of lye I would need for the palm...
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    Vegan replacement for palm oil?

    you mean just make a coconut and olive oil soap? does that work? I haven't tried it yet. Also, does anyone have any good US suppliers of sustainable palm oil? I found a few but they're all in the UK which doesn't really help me.
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    Vegan replacement for palm oil?

    I normally use a recipe with palm, coconut, and olive oil to make my bar soap. I'm not very experienced with soapmaking and don't fully understand all the charts and stuff but I'm learning! I would really like to replace palm oil for ethical reasons (just read an article about how a palm...
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    hi! I just found this forum and I'm loving it so far! I love making HP soap :) hope to learn a lot here!
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    soap caves in when cooling?

    I have been making the same HP recipe for awhile and using cardboard boxes as molds and never had any issues. Now I went and bought some professional silicone loaf molds that are roughly the same size as the boxes, but I'm noticing that when I fill up the molds to the top, after an hour or two...