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    84% avocado butter soap

    I am trying to use up some oil and butter before they go lancid. I came up with this. avocado butter 84% coconuts oil 13% caster 3% what do you think this will turn out? water39% (water/milk 4:6) 5% superfat
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    How should I change this recipe?

    I made soap with RBO 65% Avocado butter 25% CO 5%, Caster oil 5% 5% discount 38% water (50 water/ 50breast milk at trace) oil and lye were both 42-43C when mixed. I got trace after 10 minutes of hand mixing, so I added breastmilk right away. 5 minutes later, it was really thick and I...
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    the "oldest" hand-made soap you have kept/used?

    I am new to the soap making, and want to know what is the best way to keep hand made soap for a long time as a memorial memento, and what recipe work better for that purpose. I heard that soaps containing certain kind of oil are meant to be consumed sooner, like peanut oil and almond oil...