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    Master batch/ Re-batching?

    What would be the downside if any to making a large batch of soap letting it saponify then use it as if it were similar to melt and pour and just rebatch in a crockpot a pound or two at a time with the mica and scent added to the crockpot. From what I've read it takes less fragrance though I...
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    Any reason I shouldn't be getting trace?

    %22 Coconut %35 Soybean %43 Olive Using 2:1 Water/lye ratio Did a round last night and poured it soupy and it never hardened after 12 hours. So I poured it out and am working on a second batch this time measuring it by grams rather than oz's to keep the numbers perfect. Using a stick...
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    New & a Few Q (newb soaper)

    Hello I was looking to take up a project with my wife that we could also make a return on selling it through ebay, church, ect. Were going to start off with around the 50-100lb range and I was wondering if anyone could share any recipe resource sites as I've not come across a very large catalog...