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  1. Stephd31

    Bath Bomb Books

    Hi, I've been using YouTube as an educational source on making bath bombs and have made them twice with varying success. I'd like to understand more about them so I can develop my own recipe, maybe bubble bars too. Does anyone have any book recommendations? Thank you!
  2. Stephd31

    Aloe Vera Juice - is adding a little effective?

    Good morning! I spent several months working on a soap formula that was low cost but still good. For instance, I stopped using jojoba oil in my soap. However, I still think my recipe could be improved. I've been reading a lot about Aloe Vera Juice, and I want to experiment with it, but...
  3. Stephd31

    Patchouli Essential Oil - smell after long cure

    Hi! I know that patchouli is a popular scent especially when blended with other essential oils like lavender or orange. I love patchouli myself. However, I've noticed after a long curing period, or just having the soap for several months, that my patchouli soaps smell a lot like pinesol. Is...
  4. Stephd31

    label regulations - Hong Kong

    I am a soaper in the US, selling on my website and Faire. I received an email from someone in Hong Kong wanting to purchase a substantial amount of soap. Does anyone know what they require on their labels/ingredients etc? Or really where I can look that up? I'm worried about the cost of...
  5. Stephd31

    Translucent and Opaque soap - how is it done?

    Hi Everyone, I have long been obsessed with opaque and translucent soaps together. So I have been working on making translucent soap without burning down the house, but working with everclear does terrify me. Have any of you done this type of soap? Is it just transparent soap poured on top...
  6. Stephd31

    Rosemary Oleoresin 2% turn soap muddy red?

    Hi, I'm Stephanie, and new to the forum. Let's cut to the chase. This week I did a couple of new things: Monday I made my first masterbatch from a recipe I've used several other times. (olive, palm, coconut, castor, and jojoba) I did change one thing, I added Rosemary Oleoresin to the...