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  1. SoapAddict415

    Happy accident

    Has anyone ever had a Brookie? It's a wonderful combination of brownies and chocolate chip cookies. I've seen them at 7-11 and I hear they're WONDERFUL. I can't eat them because of my wheat allergy so I decided to try to make my own. I found a gluten free brownie recipe and I dropped large...
  2. SoapAddict415

    BB recipe review

    Hi everyone! I'm looking to make a few bombs for a friend. This will be my 2nd time making them in about 6 years so I need help with my recipe. I created this recipe based on online recipes and what I have available. Please tell me what you think. Is there anything I should change/add? If it'll...
  3. SoapAddict415

    My first black colored soap

    I've been wanting to make a black soap simply because I usually use light colors. This is black cherry scented. I'm not sure what the swirling grooves in the black soap near the top of the bar are. The flash of my camera is highlighting them. Hopefully they'll fade as it cures. I used a pink and...
  4. SoapAddict415

    Soap on a rope question

    I've been coming thru the forum threads but I didn't really see the answer I'm looking for. I've never made soap on a rope before. The soap molds I want to use will make a 2 x 2 x 2 inch bar of soap. I'm not sure how much to buy. Is 18 inches of rope too long for a bar that size? I just want it...
  5. SoapAddict415

    Can fragrances whiten your soap?

    I made an Almond Joy inspired soap on Sunday. For the Almond portion I left the batter uncolored. I only colored the Coconut and Chocolate portions but as you can see, it looks like a 2 color soap when it should be 3. The TD is from Soap Goods and it's not the whitest so I put what I thought was...
  6. SoapAddict415

    Fluctuations in recipe volume

    I'm not sure what happened here and I'm hoping that someone has a clue. I made a recipe 3 times. I was .01 over on my water amount twice (1st & 3rd batch) and 1 oil once (2nd batch). I used the same molds, 1.5 oz individuals. The first batch, I got 11 soaps but I didn't fill the molds all the...
  7. SoapAddict415

    Cardboard box molds

    Does anyone know if a good way to line a box mold? I can get 1-2 boxes from work that are the same size as the 1-lb silicone loaf molds I once had but I'd like to be able to use them more than once or twice.
  8. SoapAddict415

    Gluten free flour recommendations

    Hi everyone! I know there are others here with food allergies like myself and I was wondering which brands of gluten free or wheat free flour do you like the best? I like the way gluten free Bisquick makes everything light & fluffy but around here it's $4.49 for a 8 oz box. So I've been buying...
  9. SoapAddict415

    You know you're bored when....

    You're hiding in the bathroom at work and starting threads on the soap forum because you've run out of work to do lol. I've been walking around the shop trying to look busy for the last hour.
  10. SoapAddict415

    Confetti soap scent suggestions

    Hi everyone. I have a ton of soap shreds so I've been thinking about making a confetti soap but when it comes to scenting it, I'm drawing a blank. I think it should be a fun and/or festive scent. Any suggestions? What are some of your favorite scents for confetti soaps? TIA [emoji3]
  11. SoapAddict415

    Polymer clay question

    For those of you who work with polymer clay regularly, what's the best brand & type for a beginner? I was looking online and I noticed that in addition to the different brands, they are different types. Fimo for example has a classic clay, an effects clay, etc. I just want to make a bowl for a...
  12. SoapAddict415

    Discouraged and heartbroken

    I hope this is ok to post. My oldest son is getting married next month [emoji1]. He, his fiancee & my youngest son live in Arizona. I haven't seen my sons in 3 years. My middle son is here in Michigan with me but I don't get to see him nearly as much as I'd like. I REALLY miss my boys. My oldest...
  13. SoapAddict415

    Liquid soap question

    I hope I was able to attach the article link, if not, I have a question about the liquid soap recipe on the WSP website. It doesn't list a preservative and it was my understanding that all products containing a water base required a preservative to prevent mold and bacteria growth. I posted this...
  14. SoapAddict415

    Shampoo bar questions

    Hi everyone. I searched the forum but I didn't really see what I'm looking for. I really like the idea of making my own shampoo so I'd like to try making a shampoo bar again but because my hair doesn't really seem to like CP shampoo bars (ACV rinses don't help), I'm wondering if adding a few...
  15. SoapAddict415

    Cannabis infused soap

    I was watching a story on TV about California beginning a "green state" because of it's marijuana legalization. I started wondering if you could infuse it in soap & if so, were there any benefits. During my Google search, I came across this article...
  16. SoapAddict415

    What do I call it?

    I want to make a cocoa butter or a double butter castile but my understanding is that a castile is a single oil soap, more commonly 100% OO. If I use more than 1 oil it's basically a bastille (bastardized castile) even though I have seen "castile" soaps that have more than 1 oil listed on the...
  17. SoapAddict415

    Another FO question

    I love the smell of Avon's original Skin So Soft body oil. Does anyone know where I can get a fo dupe? Or a fo that smells similar? If it'll help I got a fragrance description from another site. It was described as a rich woodland scent with notes of white lily, lavender, sparkling citrus, light...
  18. SoapAddict415

    Scent trends

    For those of you who sell, how do you decide what scents to make? Is there a site for scent trends? I tried to find one for winter 2018 because I wanted to start planning for next Christmas but I can't seem to find what I'm looking for.
  19. SoapAddict415

    Fragrance oil supplier

    Who's your favorite supplier for scents and why?
  20. SoapAddict415

    How late is too late?

    I had a coworker approach me Thursday & ask if I could make soap for her mother-in-law for Christmas. I have already cured soaps to offer her but if she doesn't like any of the scents I have, is it too late to make CP soap for Christmas gifts? Should I offer to make a MP soap instead?