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    Mica help please

    The more I read the more confused I am. How can you tell if micas are high ph tolerant? For making CP soap. I did email the company, but so far no response. I would like to order from amazon. Any suggestions as to a brand to purchase would be greatly appreciated. I was thinking of the micas in...
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    First time this happened??????

    Hope everyone is Covid safe and doing well I am fairly new to soaping. This is the first time that my soap turned rock hard after only 2 Days I have used this recipe before (cp) . Only difference was that I added a bit of titanium dioxide and mixed at a slightly higher temp ( 125 degrees) ...
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    Oily soap

    I know- too early in my soap making journey to try, but I couldn’t help myself. It was calling my name. I’ve only made simple recipes so far. Saw a video with a soap maker pouring alternating colours over an inverted glass ( sorry, don’t know what the technique is called) My mixing temp...
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    Micas and Lace

    Let me beginning by saying thank you to all of you who generously took the time out of your schedule to answer my first post. As a beginning soaper, your advice, suggestions and comments were of great help. Seeing all the pics of beautifully coloured soap on this forum, I thought that I would...
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    Gentle soap for toddlers?

    Good Day everyone, Wondering if I could get some guidance ? I am fairly new at soap making. ( cold pressed) I want to make a gentle , safe soap for my 3 year old granddaughter. My anxiety level goes up when I think that I might make a soap that is too harsh for little ones. I do check with ph...