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    tons of candle stuff-fragrances, wicks, dyes, molds

    [b]1) DISCLAIMER: SMF is not responsible for any sale, trade, co-op, pre-buy, fast buy, garage sale, ad or other transactions between members. All parties enter into transactions at their own will/risk. i am moving and i need to sell everything. Since i am selling all of this together...it...
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    Puritan's Pride for Essential Oils?

    So i have been on a search for finding essential oils at a cheap price and i ran across Puritan's Pride website and they have 100 percent pure essential oils. I use that website if i need any vitamins...i was unaware they carry essential oils also. Its buy one get one free. Has anyone had...
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    amount of lard to use?

    so while i was visiting family this weekend for christmas parties, i was able to go to an amish grocery store. I bought a two pound chunk of lard to use for soaping. what percent of lard should a recipe be? Does anyone have any favorite lard recipes they would like to share? Thanks
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    natural red coloring?

    i am making some soap with pureed strawberries...will they color the soap red? or is there any spice besides paprika that will give my soap a red color?
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    citrus and sage?

    Hello, anyone know where i can get some citrus and sage fragrance oil for a decent price? i got some off candlechem.com awhile ago and it was pretty expensive. I am always hesitant when buying fragrance oils....i like to know if other people have tried them and if they liked them or not. thanks
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    questions about handmilling?

    does anyone handmill soaps to add herbs or other ingredients? if so how does the soap turn out? i am curious about handmilling...i found a book with a ton of handmilled soap recipes...but i don't want to waste a whole batch of soap to try and handmill it
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    all natural soap at giant eagle?

    so i was shopping at giant eagle the other day and they had loaves of soap claiming to be all natural....you get to cut it yourself and it was 99 cents an oz. It was called Zum Soaps...I got a couple pieces to try it because i can't seem to pass up soap haha here is the website...
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    just wanted to see if this recipe sounds ok

    18oz Olive Oil 15oz Palm Oil 5oz Cocoa Butter 3oz Jojoba Oil 15.58oz Water 5.71oz Lye I want to use pachouli essential oil at trace
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    Does this goat milk recipe sound ok?

    i found a recipe for goat's milk soap i want to try. its: 16oz goat milk 6.5 oz lye 8oz palm oil 17 oz coconut oil 17 oz olive oil does that sounds like it will make good soap? also if i wanted to add some ground up oatmeal and honey, how much and when would i add them to the soap?
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    best way to make soap with goat's milk?

    I was at a local farmers market this morning and i picked up some goat's milk to try making soap with. i dont want to burn the milk so what is the best way to make soap with it? should i use it instead of water? or should i just add some at trace?
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    Salt bar?

    I am wanting to make a 100% coconut oil salt batch of soap. i am sorry if this has already been asked here before but can you use any salt for the soap or does it have to be sea salt?
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    amount of essential oil per pound of soap?

    About how much essential oil can be added per pound of oils? I want to make sure i have enough.
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    couple soaps ive been working on

    Some soaps ive been working on: Riesling White Wine scented with Frankencense fo Uploaded with ImageShack.us Peanut Butter Soap made with peanut butter, cocoa powder and unrefined cocoa butter...really smells like peanut butter Uploaded with ImageShack.us and this last one is...
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    is this an ok recipe?

    so i was trying to create my own recipe and i was wondering if this sounds ok? 38% Olive Oil 25% Coconut Oil 19% Palm 12% Canola 6% Shea Butter
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    any shows/fairs in ohio?

    I am new to the craft show venue. I've done one craft show so far and it was decent...it was outside and the weather was very cold and it rained in the afternoon but it was a decent day. I am in northeastern ohio does anyone know of any craft shows coming up soon? i have been trying to find some...
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    corn oil, canola oil, soybean oil?

    I am just curious do they add any desirable effects to the soap? are they moisturizing in soap or anything like that? They are available everywhere and pretty cheap in price so i didnt know if they would add any benefits to my soap
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    trying to think of what to add to this?

    my usually ingredients when i make a batch of soap include olive oil, coconut oil, and palm oil or sometimes crisco in the place of palm. I want to add something else to that...i was thinking maybe shea or jojoba...im not sure what would be the best to add to my base oils. any suggestions
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    hp beer soap?

    has anyone made hot process beer soap? i like hp because i am impatient and i dont want to wait for my soaps to cure. i have some guiness and i wanted to know if it would work in hp soap? the beer is already flat, ive had it sitting open on my counter since yesterday
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    natural yellow color?

    i have been on a natural dye kick lately. im planning a lemon poppy seed soap and i was wondering if there are any herbs or spices that would make my soap a yellow color?
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    coconut milk soap?

    i want to make a mostly coconut bar of soap. i want to use coconut milk and coconut oil anyone have any recipes?