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  1. Kittie

    Morning Disaster--Come Laugh With Me!

    Good Morning All I hope you all have a good laugh with me. This is how it went, I decided to do my recipe creation of a CP shampoo bar, a spin-off from Genny's recipe. I'd read on that thread for 2 weeks, doing soapcalc many times for my hair type needs, but worked out my recipe. This morning...
  2. Kittie

    Very first pure olive oil Castile soap questions.

    Hi, I am new here on SMF, but not to making soap. I've made basic CP and CPOP soaps with various oils off and on for about 2 years now. Last night I made my very first batch of Pure EVOO Castile soap. I made a 6 lb batch at 6% SF, enough for two 3lb molds and a few small bar molds. I used two...