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    Batch #40 Name?

    Neil, WOW, that soap is absolutely incredible! It reminds me of the earth splitting open and seeing flowing fiery lava beneath. Perhaps something with 'fire' in the name? Refiner's fire Aztec fire Fire at Sunset Golden Blaze Amber Blaze Whatever you call it, the soap is beautiful...
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    oh that is too funny, sure wasn't expecting that. love it.
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    Batch #36 Deodorizing coffee-cocoa soap

    I just love your soaps Neil. I think they look great. I bet they would be great for the grease monkeys, get rid of all the gunk on their hands.
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    Batch #35 Palma Christi

    Neil, those are just wonderful. Have you considered coloring the rest of the soap red instead of blue, although the blue is beautiful too? What beautiful soaps for Easter. Dian
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    Massage oil blends

    I use 1 part apricot kernel and 1 part coconut.
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    Let's talk COLORS!!!

    Good idea about adding black to darken your colors. If the color is coming off on a washcloth it means you've added too much colorant. Dian
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    help--anybody tried these?

    I have a customer who has ordered some candles in fragrances I don't have and need to order. Has anyone tried these FO's from WSP? If so, how do you like them, what do they smell like? I don't want to get stuck with FO's I can't use or sell. 1. Mango Papaya 2. Freesia 3. Passionfruit /...
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    If you use jelly jars you can get them at Wal-mart but only certain times of the year, they don't carry them all year long. However, these jars have a quilted design, not smooth and clear. I get my jars from Just By Nature. You can order them with regular lids or with daisy lids. Another...
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    not to draw attention to THIS memember

    I think it's adorable in a weird sort of way. Gets your attention though!
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    The word association game

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    My first Etsy order.

    Congratulations on your sales, Lane. The Turkish Mocha sounds yummy! but it's hard to see it. Just a suggestion--don't hide your wonderful products behind your tags and labels. Show some skin :wink: Blessings, Dian
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    Batch #34 Three Butter soap Cocoa, Mango, Shea

    They are just beautiful Neil. Makes me want some :D Blessings, Dian
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    SW MO Ice storm

    I'm so glad for the thaw out. I can't imagine what that has been like. I used to live where it snowed when I was little and remember slipping on the ice when I was going to school. But that has been awhile ago. It's good to have a 'heads up' so you can at least get prepared for the next one...
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    raining bird poop

    Thank you Neil and thank you so much for visiting my shop. I always enjoy looking at your soaps. You also take some amazing photos. Blessings to you and your family today. Dian
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    raining bird poop

    Hi all, I've been really busy lately trying to get my etsy shop up and stocked and haven't had a chance to post lately. I just wanted to share a funny story that happened the other day. I was needing to take photos of some of my stuff to list on etsy. I like to take pics outside because the...
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    My other passion

    Oh Wow that fireplace cover is so beautiful! I too would love to work with stained glass but don't have $$ for that, maybe someday *dream*. I have to settle for a painting with glass paints for a stained glass look. I have an example posted on at my etsy store if you want to take a look...
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    I need your store links for a crafters link section.

    Please add mine too. http://holmescraft.etsy.com Thanks :D
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    need feedback on etsy store

    Hi all, I just listed my first item in my etsy store, finally :D . Could some of you who have been selling on etsy awhile go have a look and give me some feedback on my set-up and stuff. Is there any information I should add as far as policy and other business stuff. Any advice would be greatly...
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    Any card makers or scrapbookers here?

    You might consider adding a few stamps and sample size ink pads, that would definitely make it more tempting. I love card making and have quite a lot of Stampin Up stamps but I also use other brands too. Blessings, Dian
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    I little bit of diet humor...

    "A merry heart doeth good like a medicine"--Proverbs 17:22 Thanks for a good dose of laughter. :D Blessings, Dian