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    mesh bags with velcro closures

    http://simplehomemade.net/simple-packing-mesh-daily-clothes-bag-tutorial/ Found this in an unrelated search, but wouldn't they be nice for soap presentation? I think you could make them with grommets or a gap (with velcro moved to each end of the top bit) and hang them. Then they could be...
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    Deciding on superfat level

    What is the best way to decide on a superfat level, and what effect on the final cured soap does a higher SF create? The words "conditioning", etc don't mean much to me, and I wonder if someone can describe the effect for me instead.
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    Cupuacu butter in soap?

    I have some cupuacu butter that I have been using just as a facial oil. I only have about an ounce of it, but I use very very little and do not want it to go rancid before I can use it...so I wondered about putting it into soap, and what properties it would have. I can see the soapcalc list...
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    new lye = overheated soap?

    Hi there, I've been following this forum for about a year, but have just subscribed because I couldn't find the answer to my newest soap question here or online: I just started using different lye, and suddenly I have cracking and gelling where I haven't before (same recipe, same mold, same...