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    help--anybody tried these?

    I have a customer who has ordered some candles in fragrances I don't have and need to order. Has anyone tried these FO's from WSP? If so, how do you like them, what do they smell like? I don't want to get stuck with FO's I can't use or sell. 1. Mango Papaya 2. Freesia 3. Passionfruit /...
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    raining bird poop

    Hi all, I've been really busy lately trying to get my etsy shop up and stocked and haven't had a chance to post lately. I just wanted to share a funny story that happened the other day. I was needing to take photos of some of my stuff to list on etsy. I like to take pics outside because the...
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    need feedback on etsy store

    Hi all, I just listed my first item in my etsy store, finally :D . Could some of you who have been selling on etsy awhile go have a look and give me some feedback on my set-up and stuff. Is there any information I should add as far as policy and other business stuff. Any advice would be greatly...
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    candle is tunneling

    Hi all, I started making soy candles using wicks from Michaels, the wicks have a wire core which I don't like but my candles would burn straight down. I switched to all cotton wicks from WSP and now my candles are tunneling. Help! :? Any ideas are greatly appreciated. Blessings, Dian
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    incorporating powder in MP

    Good morning, I'm trying to add milk powders to my MP soap but "the gravy is lumpy". Any ideas on how to make it smooth? :roll: Blessings, Dian
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    Help for a newbie!

    Hi everyone. I've been checking out SMF for a few weeks and wanted to join the family. I make MP soaps, candles, jewelry--both semi-precious and polymer clay, cards, and painted, lighted glass blocks. I'm also trying to do some other B&B products but have some concerns after reading posts here...