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    Wine or Champagne Soap Recipe needed

    Hi everyone, I am looking for a good soap recipe using wine or champagne. I have some great fragrance oils - Merlot and Pino Gris and Champagne but no idea of how to use the wine to mix with the lye/water Any one have a 2 pound soap loaf recipe for making wine soap??
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    Beer Soap, Wine Soap, Pepsi Soap?

    OK I know you can make soap with wine & beer but how about soda? I had someone ask me at a craft show if I could make Pepsi soap or Coca Cola Soap and that started me thinking (God Help Us All;) Would you make it just the same as beer soap - letting it go FLAT, FLAT, FLAT and even more FLAT...
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    1 Weird Problem

    Currently I am trying to get the color of the Steelers football team into a soap and just when I thought everything was going to cooperate my Yellow Oxide turned to a gray and the Black Oxide stayed black. It looked fine in the mold but the day after I took the soap out and cut into bars the...