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    How to soap long lasting

    First I would like to thank all who help me to make my first perfect transparent soap specially ( @RAYA ALTAMIMI ). But the problem now that the soap finished quickly, please if any body have a solution to save transparent soap long lasting please help me. Really I don't know why it finished...
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    My transparent soaps turned cloudy

    I wonder why my transparent soaps turned cloudy after few days of making it. But if it is packaged just after manufacturing , it keeps transparent and begins to be cloudy after uncovering it Anyone can know why ?
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    Decreasing transparent soap lather by time

    I have a problem with my transparent glycerin soaps that the lather after a month of making soap become absolutely tiny, although it was very dense in the first week after the soaps made. Can any body help me to know the reason? Note: during this month soaps bars was uncovered. Thanks.