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  1. Melysg25

    Personal Blogging

    Thank you so much!
  2. Melysg25

    Personal Blogging

    Does blogspot allow you to set visibility to private so only you see your content? I just want the freedoms and creativity of blogging platforms, not the actual publication or recognition
  3. Melysg25

    Personal Blogging

    Hello everyone:) I'm looking into blogging for my own personal soaping record keeping. Does anyone have any ideas or platforms or ways that I can just blog for my own purposes? I don't really care about ads money or even having to be posted on Pinterest. Are there any type of blogging platforms...
  4. Melysg25

    Carrot juice soap HP

    Thank you all for the feedback, ideas and lovely comments. I'm not giving up on carrot juice just yet. Lol. Call me a glutton for disappointment but I'm going to try a few more things before I disregard carrot juice as a colorant. I sense their untapped potential,I just need to tap in. Lol.
  5. Melysg25

    Triple rice soap

    Pics of my triple rice soap. Thanks @Dawni I'm excited for these. Divided base into 2 parts: and used moraccan red clay for one part and "naked" base with poppy seeds for some extras visual appeal. Time to let them cure!
  6. Melysg25

    Organize soaps?

    Okay y'all, I'm racking up quite a few soap bars. I keep 1-2 from each batch I make and now I need to label them so I know which is which etc. How do y'all label your kept soap batches? I would like to have some sort of organized system. I heard plastic baggies for hot process soap is not...
  7. Melysg25

    Convert "Drops" of EO to % in Blends

    This is a wonderful hack!! I'm going to use the % calculations to upscale/downscale eo recipe blends. What a gem! Thanks
  8. Melysg25

    Mechanic's/Gardener's soap

    When you ground loofah, did it become powdery or still had gritty texture?
  9. Melysg25

    Zany's no slime castile

    Thank you! I will retry this
  10. Melysg25

    Using lard, oily soap result

    Is the dish forum over? I actually remember them I briefly looked it over over 6-7 yrs ago I think.
  11. Melysg25

    Carrot juice soap HP

    UPDATES ON CARROT JUICE SOAP. SO...I recreated original batch, just reduced it overall by half and No green parsley swirls. And I HP cooked it on Low Entire time. Took FOREVER TOO COOK but I thought low heat would help retain color.... You can see my results in pics. :/ Pic with 2 soaps (left...
  12. Melysg25

    Silicone Molds

    are these all taken?
  13. Melysg25

    Possible Last Destash

    @cmzaha do you still have cavity molds?
  14. Melysg25

    Carrot juice soap HP

    I plan to use half carrot juice and half water for next batch .
  15. Melysg25

    1st batch HTFLHP soap

    Yeah I knew I should have waited both to cut and stamp but I got the * soap itch* and impulsively plowed through. Lord help me! The colors are: -Pinkish hues are batter infused with moroccan red clay slurry -Cream- base color of batch -Browns- cocoa powder slurry /swirls
  16. Melysg25

    Carrot juice soap HP

    You are too kind. Really too kind. These are total fail for me, color wise. Scent is chamomile (supposed to go with a yellow bar ) and this bar reminds me of a grunge metal band more then chamomile flowers in grassy fields ...oy vey
  17. Melysg25

    Triple rice soap

    That's why I didn't understand. Lol. And I kinda still don't. *Smacks self in the face* can I go by ppo or is there a reason to go by water weight? And if going by water weight, would I do a tsp/tbsp for every oz water ? I think my newness in soap making is shining brightly on this one...
  18. Melysg25

    anybody purchase from The Plant Guru?

    I have used their cinnamon essential oil and all seems well in my soaps. True cinnamon scent and smells like good quality, no chemical after scent (sometimes happens with lower quality essential oils)
  19. Melysg25

    Carrot juice soap HP

    So, I recently saw a beautiful yellow soap on a fb, using carrot juice. So I had to try it. l I used carrot juice for total water portion and instead of beautiful yellows I got mustard.... It's like I see so many inspiring soaps and I try and replicate colors and BAM! DOESNT WORK. HP does...
  20. Melysg25

    Triple rice soap

    @Dawni I have read every single post on this thread and I'm still dumb founded....have mercy. o_O :goodbye1::shakinghead: Can you please let me know how much cooked rice to use per PPO? ( I plan to puree the cooked rice into the rice water portion, so not to add extra water)