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  1. LilyJo

    Soap size

    Loving getting back to soaping and I finally have a selection of new recipes that work for me and that I use daily. My dilemma is I am in the final stages of choosing which 6-8 fragrances and colours to get assessed for sale but I keep changing my mind on designs - so I thought I would ask...
  2. LilyJo

    Fragrance oil

    Sorry but that's BS. People develop skin conditions, anaphylaxis to all kinds of things inc soap fragranced and unfragranced. And anaphylaxis kills. The EU sets safety guidelines for all kinds of things inc cosmetics and whilst restaurant may not be prevented from using those ingredients...
  3. LilyJo

    Thank you SMF

    Ages ago I posted that I had lost my mojo, I couldn't make a soap work, frustrated with the whole thing. So, I stopped making. Packed everything away and forgot about making anything at all but carried on lurking here, watching, reading, learning more and more. I made the odd soap here and...
  4. LilyJo


    With this now seemingly spreading swiftly around the world, I wondered whether any of our members are directly or indirectly affected?
  5. LilyJo

    US postage

    Wasnt sure where to put this so feel free to move somewhere more suitable? Can any of our US members clarify a postage/import question for me please? Just checking on Royal Mail and other websites that there seems to be a restriction on soap, candles, EO, beauty/toiletry products into the US. I...
  6. LilyJo

    Trying to find my soaping mojo

    Since I stopped soaping about a year ago I have completely lost my soaping mojo and all confidence in my ability to determine what makes a good or bad soap. In the past we've always used quite high CO but with my sons severe eczema I wanted to try and find something a bit kinder to his skin...
  7. LilyJo

    Sewing Forums

    Knowing how crafty everyone is, can anyone recommend a good sewing forum like SMF? I've had a quick look on Google but nothng shouts out at me. Any suggesyion would be much appreciated.
  8. LilyJo

    UK/EU Sales post Brexit

    So, finally there appears to be a little clarity on what happens when we leave the EU on the 29th March and some ideas of what happens if we get a deal and if we dont. For any UK soap, bath product, cosmetic makers its worth making sure you understand the rules and act as quickly as you can...
  9. LilyJo

    Who's right?

    Hi everyone I wonder if you can settle an argument for me! We have been making and selling our soap for a couple of years. I love the science of soap making, I love the creativity, the unexpectedness of not always knowing what you are going to get. I love experimenting and coming up with new...
  10. LilyJo

    Loaf mold help- what are their advantages/what's there to love about them?

    I just cant get on with loaf moulds - is there something that everyone loves best about them that I am missing?
  11. LilyJo

    Nuture Soap

    Hi Has anyone in the UK or EU ordered from Nuture Soaps? Love some of their fragrance descriptions but am balking at the really high shipping costs.
  12. LilyJo

    Recipe feedback if you dont mind?

    Hi everyone I have been playing with numbers on soap calculators until I am completely number blind and I can no longer decide what its actually telling me! My usual CP recipe is 150g Olive 100g Coconut 100g Shea 100g Castor 168 Water 62 Lye + fragrance To be fair the soap is ok-ish - get a...
  13. LilyJo

    Where are you from?

    Having spent a great deal of time lately following American politics (dont worry I know better than to start something so divisive!) it occured to me that SMF has lots of people from all over the world but a great many from the States. Like many people I have a cursory working knowledge of US...
  14. LilyJo

    Which oils and butters do you like and why?

    Ok, I give up, you have all finally convinced me to make some changes to our soaps and recipes! We have been selling for a while and have two or three ranges from plain and simple to fancy cupcake styles and its become clear in recent months that the plain and simple with great fragrances...
  15. LilyJo

    Animal Testing

    Dont want to get into a political argument about rights and wrongs as I know its a very emotive subject but I am curious. Dont want to push people into saying where they stand more interested in the overall public perception tbh. The laws on animal testing in cosmetics are very different in the...
  16. LilyJo

    Rapeseed Oil

    Hi guys Quick one - at a Christmas Fair today I was offered a local supply of rapeseed oil but I have never used it in soap before. Our usual recipe is Olive, Shea, Coconut, Caster and sometimes Sweet Almond, is Rapeseed a straight swap for any one them or would it require a massive...
  17. LilyJo

    Which wax is best?

    Not sure how this affects anyone in the US but given that NGI has announced that they are discontinuing EcoSoy I thought I would look into wax to see if what I thought I knew was actually true. Looking across the net tonight there seems a lot of biased info about Soy and Paraffin so I...
  18. LilyJo

    I hate DOS!

    OK, I give up! After some success a few months back making CP I started to get DOS on almost every batch. Read almost everything I could on here and looked back at my recipes and oils and came to the conclusion it could have been old oils or it may have been an affect of using EOs. So...
  19. LilyJo

    Hi from LilyJo, UK

    Hi After lurking for what seems like ages I finally got round to signing up! I/we make soaps, bath products and wax all sorts in the Hampshire countryside and despite a huge amount of success I dont think I have ever come across a more addictive and frustrating hobby! Just when you...