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  1. Jillyb

    Naturally colouring Synd shampoo bars

    Ive heard oxides can smell bad pink clay can affect hair colour.. etc, etc.. Would love to know what you colour your shampo/conditioner bars with as a natural colour. Edited title for clarification.
  2. Jillyb

    Palm shortening..

    I just bought 15kgs of Sustainably sourced Palm shortening.. 100% Palm with emulsifier & Antioxidant ($52NZD so cheap) its still seeled. Just noticed the use by is 6th Dec 2020. After ring importer its sold with a12 month use by date. Research shows its got a long shelf life if stored in cool...
  3. Jillyb

    Advice please.

    Ive made my dish soap recipe several times and all has been fine until todays batch..I've got orange pieces in my soap. 85% CO 15%castor 38% water. Heated oils to 175F added hot lye Added salt & sugar mix to lye water. and yogurt when cooked. Looked like all was well. Until I unmolded...
  4. Jillyb

    A Kiwi Soaper

    Just been scrolling and reading, so much amazing info here it's Great!! Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Back to soaping after a few years on other pursuits. This time because of needing fragrance free products but still wanting 'nice' and a 'lil bit fancy'. Been making Dish & laundry soaps...