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  1. SoulShine

    Lotion sticks, salves and balm`s in paperboard

    Does anyone package their products this way? I`ve been using tins and glass. With summer temps getting hotter and hotter for longer I`m trying to get away from that. I didn`t do any festivals or market`s this summer at all, but last I was always stressing about keeping everything in the shade. I...
  2. SoulShine

    Scale recommendations.

    I need a new scale. Need it to weigh out at least 50lbs. Postal ,digital with remote and AC and USB adapters. Also a large platform. Thought you might have some recommendations.
  3. SoulShine

    Cp & hp

    I was wondering if I could safely HP freshly made CP soap in my crock pot? This is an African Black soap and while I`ve omitted using the plant materials for the lye process I have used all the correct ingredients. The reason I want to HP it is just to get the rustic look. I`ve never...