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  1. MakeArtNotWar

    GM CP!

    I made my first batch of GM this weekend and it smells so freaking good I want to eat it up. I just cut it and will get some photos tomorrow. I added my GM after I mixed my oils and lye mixture but still got some orange coloring. Honestly though I think it is beautiful and I just want to fast...
  2. MakeArtNotWar

    Recipe for Eczema

    I really would like to make a soap that has been tested and found to be a good soap instead of experimenting with my nine year old's skin. His eczema is getting SO bad he is digging it open even with the meds they have him on. Does anyone have one they wouldn't mind sharing with me? This...
  3. MakeArtNotWar

    Well not beautiful

    but I'm still ridiculously stoked with my first two batches.. I have no idea if they are good but they look decent! I was relieved at how unscary working with the lye was, I took all the precautions but I was prepared for a fight club type disaster. The only issue I had was getting them out of...
  4. MakeArtNotWar

    "Man" Scents.

    What are some good manly scents? I probably need more redneck scents than city scents with the area I'm in, lol. ( I never even thought of that until I read a different thread! ;) ) I searched for a thread like this and didn't find one so I apologize if this has been posted before!
  5. MakeArtNotWar

    Intro :)

    I'm Ang and new to soap making. I'm addicted to all things crafty. I sew, make recycled magazine frames, wreaths, magnets, and pretty much anything I see that I like I give it a go. My nine year old has eczema pretty decently and it is getting to the stage where you can really see it and...