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  1. Kila

    Basic Recipes for a Newbie?

    Here's a little bit of background before I jump to my questions. I currently have a mold that holds 32 ounces of oils, something small and suitable for a newbie like me. I started with the cheaper, common oils being olive pomace, coconut and castor. I also have cocoa butter pastilles on deck. I...
  2. Kila

    Determining LC & super fat percentages

    I am going to use 40% for my LC and 4% superfats. What would tweaking with these numbers do? What does a higher or lower superfat percentage do? And if I wanted to use 33% LC like many other people, what would be the biggest difference as opposed to 40? Thanks.
  3. Kila

    Additive Timing Preference

    As I was studying how to make CP soap, I noted than a woman on Youtube preferred to add her extra ingredients such as kaolin clay and coloring powder to the oil before mixing it with the lye solution. However, she waited until after emulsion to add FO/EO. What do you guys prefer? What order do...
  4. Kila

    What unit of weight* do you work with?

    This might be a really dumb question sorry in advance... 1. Do you use fluid ounces (versus regular ounces) when making soap? 2. Do you work with ounces or grams? I would like to work in grams but my scale doesnt show the decimal points (ie. 120.2 g) instead it would just show 120 grams. Would...
  5. Kila

    Curing Question!

    Hey guys! I'm a beginner at making cold processed soap. I live in a fairly cool apartment with not much space to leave my bars to cure other than inside the oven (off, of course). Is this a sufficient place to let them cure? If so, how can I speed up the curing process?