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  1. Nona'sFarm

    Please send up a prayer

    Please send up a prayer for my daughter and her restaurant. Things were hard enough with Covid-19, now with the riots it is much worse. She is the manager of a restaurant in the heart of Richmond, VA. She has been self isolating from us since mid-March, as the restaurant still provides...
  2. Nona'sFarm

    Wood Bars

    Though there are exceptions, particularly for those with allergies, skin irritants mainly matter in leave on products like creams, salves, balms.
  3. Nona'sFarm

    Wanting To Make A Gardener’s Soap

    I love hearing about all of these variations. My gardener's hand soap has ground walnut shells for the exfoliate. I also add ground yarrow for a natural color and also because it is believed to have some antiseptic capabilities. I probably don't add enough to make any difference as an...
  4. Nona'sFarm

    Where Is Everyone?

    Our Farmer's Market is able to do curbside pickup drive through. All orders have to be prepaid, so there is as little contact as possible. I set up a site for pre-payments through Square, it is working fairly well.
  5. Nona'sFarm

    Some more Crochet - more pics added

    So lovely! Quite inspirational! I have started crocheting, after 50 years of not crocheting. So far most of my creations are quite simple - scarves, hats, mittens, baby & lap blankets, and stuffed animals. I am slowly learning new stitches and techniques. My biggest downfall is buying yarn on...
  6. Nona'sFarm

    Investing in Essential Oils

    I would suggest using a cotton ball test: Make sure you write down each blend to track it. On a cotton ball, put 6 drops grapefruit 2 drops patchouli 2 drops geranium Place in zip lock bag. In 15-30 minutes, take a sniff. If you like it, go with those ratios. If not, start over with a fresh...
  7. Nona'sFarm

    the box, the gel, kiss of ash....

    Lovely soap! I'm not experienced enough to tell if something gelled from a picture.
  8. Nona'sFarm

    Lye Calculator

    I see you are from Cameroon. Is this the normal process for making soap there? Just curious. I've always used a soap calculator, but also could calculate it manually based on the SAP values of the oils.
  9. Nona'sFarm

    My first CP soap loaf haha

    Your soap looks lovely! Since you are new to CP soap making, you may want to start with small batches of soap until you have found your footing.
  10. Nona'sFarm

    Finals from Home

    What a good thought! They will be in my prayers. Luckily, my grand daughter's school decided to nix exams. She has lots of big projects, though in Civics, English, and Art. Wish her/us luck.
  11. Nona'sFarm

    Crochet Afghan Finished

    Stunning! A work of art!
  12. Nona'sFarm

    Mother daughter bonding time

    What a thoughtful daughter you are. CandleScience has a LEARN section that is very helpful, it has both videos and downloadable PDFs. Learn Candle Making | Helpful Guides and Tutorials I have found the following guides extremely helpful. The product guidelines are limited to what Candle Science...
  13. Nona'sFarm

    Pouring Temperature.

    I have not done embeds, only layering. With layering, once the previous layer registers about 90 F, then I can pour the next layer. The layer I am pouring needs to be about 130 F. Like you, I found that at 125 F or lower, it tends to get clumpy. Like your design by the way, quite lovely.
  14. Nona'sFarm

    I'm Back!

    @BrewerGeorge , glad to see you back. I have read a number of your old posts when researching something. I am new since you took your hiatus, but was sorry I was not seeing more recent posts. Look forward to seeing your input.
  15. Nona'sFarm

    I'm Back!

    So I've been told as well. My lame excuse, "But I'm the Grandma and I get to spoil my granddaughter. "
  16. Nona'sFarm

    Essential oils in candle making

    I have tried EOs in candles in the past, with no luck, just no hot throw. So went back to candle fragrance oils. Most of mine I get from Candle Science or Bramble Berry and customers seem to like them. I am in the U.S. so don't know what may be available near you.
  17. Nona'sFarm

    Question about adding clay

    I Am definitely no expert, but I have read it is best to mix clays with water before adding, rather than oil. I haven't added clays that often, but when I do, I use a little of the water intended for the lye mixture. Works well for me.
  18. Nona'sFarm

    Table Sugar to Increase Lather and Bubbles?

    @Mobjack Bay, I've been meaning to ask, do you use distilled water to make your simple syrup or just not worry about that little amount ? Typically I make mine using tap/well water, so I have been hesitant to try it in a soap. I usually use honey, but if I want to achieve a whiter soap I can't...
  19. Nona'sFarm

    Table Sugar to Increase Lather and Bubbles?

    I am a beekeeper and add honey to most of my soaps, 1 tsp - 1 tbsp per pound of oil, depending on the amount of coconut oil. Most of my soaps have 20% - 25% coconut oil and I only add 1 tsp to those. It seems to boost the lather. I usually don't add any honey to my beer / hard cider soaps...
  20. Nona'sFarm

    Candle fragrance - how much?

    The percents are by weight. So you need a good scale that can measure by gram or ounce. So for example if you want to use a 10% fragrance load, and you are using 20 grams of wax, then you need 2 grams of fragrance. Hope this helps.