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    would you use this soap? or is it just for looks?

    I'm trying to make pretty bars that aren't too ornamental for a regular person to actually use. Would you use this if you weren't a soap officionado?
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    Air Soap- wwyd? And which fragrance?

    I'm looking so make a CP soap with an Air theme (I'm doing the 4 elements but this is the one I'm stumped about). What design elements come to mind for you? I can do most techniques- most swirls, layers, pencil lines, landscapes, embeds. I use micas and/or spices. I'm looking for an FO...
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    Discoloring FO's- CP prob only?

    So I have a few bakery scented FO's that I unfortunately didn't read enough about, and it turns out they discolor to a dark brown, which really doesn't match the flavors (blueberry muffin? lemon poppyseed?...) I was thinking about it and suddenly wondered if discoloring FO's behave that way...
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    soaping where there are no soapers

    So as much as I love soaping, and wish I could think about having a business* one day, it's tricky where I live. *before I continue, I just want to give a disclaimer that I've soaped for over a year, I've lurked here even longer, and I cure minimum 5-6 weeks.* Okay back to the location...
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    Flashpoints and International Shipping

    Hi! I was just wondering... When I shop BB for FO's, I can only choose from the 'ship anywheres' because they won't send low-flashpoint FO's on a plane. This seems to be for quality control (if the FO isn't stable in the temp changes or something) and in compliance with laws about combustibles-...
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    Why the discrepancy BB:Soapcalc?

    So I'm working on a small (under 3lb) recipe, and I'm using Salty Mariner FO. SoapCalc tells me I need 1 oz. Brambleberry tells me I need 1.91 oz. :eh: Is there a scientific reason for that major discrepancy? Do you go by SoapCalc for your FO measurements or do you check with your...
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    fd&c's...throw them out?

    Hi! These boards are amazing, thanks y'all for saving me time and money and keeping me from losing sleep about my soap fails- it's so easy to find out here what went wrong! Question: I have a few super concentrated fd&c pigment powders that I bought when I was a newbie from a food store (who...