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    Scent Search!!!

    Hello All! I'd like to know if ANY of you have ever come across a 'fake' (estee lauder) fragrance called white linen ? I used it years ago and came across an old salt bar that still smells absolutely dee-licious....but....can I remember who I bought it from? :confused: Of course not! I'd...
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    Ordering Online

    Has anyone ordered from Just a Soap in the UK? Sorry to be a bother but...I was interested in ordering from a company Just a Soap online....I don't live in the UK....by any chance, has anyone ordered from them? I was all ready to put the check in the post when a thought hit me....does this...
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    Rice Milk

    Hiya!! just had a thought ....has anyone boiled rice in milk and then used it in their soap? would the starch have any effect on the soap? just curious!! :?:
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    wine AND milk soap?

    has anyone tried a wine and milk (instead of water) mixture for their soap? I'd like to make a batch tomorrow with some red wine and I love my creamy wine soaps but have some left over ccn milk in the fridge...think it's worth a go? :?
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    storing cured soaps in plastic?

    I've been keeping my soaps in shoe boxes til I'm ready to give/use them. I've seen so many videos and articles suggesting wrapping them in plastic to extend their shelf life!...confused :? :!: I'm assuming after they're cured and I want to give them away in say a couple of weeks it'd be...
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    do embeds need to cure?

    do embeds need to cure before using them? thanks!
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    gelling and zapping

    Despite all the forum reading I still need help clearing me thoughts.......I made FINALLY some pretty-ish soap but it still has a bit of a zap..... I didn't want it to gel so it'd keep it's creamy look so...I cooled the lye water immediately and added some creamed ccn and ccn milk when I mixed...
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    soap labels

    can someone post "A Dummy's Guide to Soap Labels" PA-LEASE? :( We're talking a basic-no extras computer here. Is a logiciel needed? I have read that I can buy stickers then download a program to print them up BUT how do you transfer an idea for a label? Are you limited to just round, rect...
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    old soap bits

    this may be a stupid question but does anyone go to the trouble of rebatching old soap bits (for personal use of course!!) or are you not THAT 'attached' :lol: to your soaps?
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    sesame oil camouflage!!

    any suggestions to help camouflage the strong scent sesame oil has? Which EO would work the best? Sandalwood?!? Or should I put a bit in a jar and add the EO to it to test?
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    ANOTHER salt soap

    didn't want to barge in on the other thread but...I made a salt soap a bit more than a week ago and the EO came out soooooo stinky after three days I put in the room my hubby is in the process of building. Been checking it every couple of days and it's been absolutely fine. (this ISN'T the batch...
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    adding powdered milk to soap

    How do you add your powder? I added it to my coconut milk and stirred and stirred to make up a higher milk content but I still have a few tiny flecks in the soap!! DO you add it to hot water first?
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    Access to fragrances isn't easy (live overseas)so I've been trying to scent my soaps with EOs but.....it's not easy when you can't sniff before you buy!!! cypress may sound airy and lovely but I idn't find it particularly great when I got it home and smelled it! I know it's a matter of personal...
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    so-so beernut soap...help!

    I read that nut oils are good for the skin so...I combined walnut, hazelnut, sesame oil(very little as it's stinky), coconut and lard. I used some embeds but there is a space around some. I THOUGHT I'd pressed the mixture down. I'd banged the 'mold' but it's hard to 'bang' a cardboard box....I...
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    just curious...has anyone used saffron to dye their soaps? thanks
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    how to make soap balls

    I'"ve read some soapers use scraps to make balls for future embeds...do you melt it down to form balls or what? Stupid question? :roll:
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    sugar vs honey

    ok honey causes sweating and some people use sugar instead...how much would you use for a 2 lb batch and if honey (i think) is soothing for the skin, what qualities does sugar have?
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    has anyone used butter?!?

    I found margarine in the SAP chart and was curious if I could use butter instead with the same SAP number?
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    testing soap for Ph

    do you always test for the Ph level in your soaps? I think I'll have to get a family member to send some strips as the pharmacies (in France), so far as the ones I've tried, haven't got them!
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    wine in soap

    brandnew here, running before I can walk....just made (my third go) what I thought would be a pink swirl right? Red wine plus the base =pink...NOT despite all the things I've read concerning blue and purple colorants...Well at first I was horrified thinking it'd be black but thought that could...