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  1. Trix

    Prefrences, new window or same page?

    Just a random question, when you go to a website with links, do you prefer the links to open in a new window, or in the same page?
  2. Trix

    How Can I Make It Better?

    I started this quite a while ago as weebly makes things too easy, and would like to know how I can I improve it. The website is a directory, for bath and body suppliers, essential oil suppliers, and perfume making suppliers. A lot of the links will take you straight to the sales page of the...
  3. Trix

    Easiest Oil Lamp Ever

    Hi there, last year I got really bored and decided to do an oil lamp anyone can do with anything. For the wick, get any 100% cotton, like the ones we remove makeup with, tear a bit of it and roll it till it is a wick. Rolling it in one direction is the trick. Then take a cork from a bottle you...
  4. Trix

    My Fizzy Solid Milk Bath Recipe :D

    I did this a long time ago, there are no measurements with some things as that is how I always did it and it worked for me :) Take around half of a cup of any milk powder you want, mix it with a quarter cup of each baking soda and citric acid. Have fun mixing these with your hand, for fun...
  5. Trix

    Hello to all of you!

    Hi all! I am new to this forum but have been making toiletries and other fun stuff since 2004. I had stopped for a while,as studies, then work and hen a career just take us away from what we like to do. However I decided I want to give back to the soap making community, as that is the...