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    Thank you..
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    Can this be used?

    I saw this in the store and was wondering if it could be used in soap? Saco Brand A Cultured Blend of Sweet Crea Churned Buttermilk, Sweet Dairy Whey, and Lactic Acid
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    RTCP.... A question

    Ok, so the question is when you use the rtcp method does your soap gel? The reason I am asking is since I have started using this method mine doesn't. I use wood molds and insulate yet there is never a gel.....HMMM
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    My first coffee soap

    I just cut them this morning, they are still kind of soft...
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    Anyone use these?

    Has anyone used the plastic molds you get at the craft store for cp? Can they be used for salt bars? If so how long do you keep them in the mold before taking them out? Any help would be appreciated.
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    My newest soaps

    I did these yesterday.... I did the salt bars for the first time...Thanks for looking.
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    Can this be used?

    Can you use vanilla extract in cp?
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    Tropical Storm in Texas

    I just wanted to tell all my fellow coastal Texans to stay safe during this storm that will be coming through.... Try and check in so that we know that you are safe.... :)
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    Butter question

    Can someone tell me if there is a difference in unrefined shea or cocoa butter... and the refined stuff, I am a little confused..
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    I worked on my labels until my eyeballs almost fell out...LOL I was just reading some of the older posts in general business and now have a question... If my graphics are from a program such as Microsoft Publisher, can I still use them or would it be an infringement? I am confused.... :oops:
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    Your opinion - updated

    Ok so I was up half the night working on my new graphics; for labels,cigar bands, and such.... Please tell me what you think... Okay so I think this is my winning design for my new labels and such.... What do you think?
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    Advice Please...

    So I have my logo and everything for all of my products, which is the following... Problem is I really do not like them... If anyone has advice on how to make them appear less "homemade" and more professional I would greatly appreciate it so much...
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    New soaps...

    Made these the day before yesterday and love the way they lather and feel.... Just wanted to share.. I left it unscented and no color....
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    Can HP be done on the stovetop? If so can anyone point me in the right direction?
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    Did I do something wrong?

    Ok so I used the following oils Castor Coconut Crisco Olive left default setting on soapcalc. used hot lye solution to melt oils and then sb and hand stirred to trace..... poured into mold and now almost three hours later it still has not gelled... Do you think it will be ok? I did not use...
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    Can you tell me how this looks? I am looking to make something for my scaley, dry skin on my face... 80% OO 15%Castor 5%CO at a water solution of 38% and lye at 5% superfat... Any input or suggestions....
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    Pringles can

    This might be a silly question, but How do you prepare a Pringles can for cp? do I need to cut off the bottom part that is alum...? I really want to attempt using this, but do not know how to prepare the can.... Any help would be appreciated... :)
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    Has anyone made a 100% Crisco bar? I am looking to find a recipe for my face, which is so dry that it scales and peels... Do you think this would work?
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    Silly question

    I just happened to read the label on my "vegetable oil" it says that it is soybean oil... Question is: Can I use this to soap? I know this is probably a silly question, but all the same I value your opinions... :)
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    Ok, so I went on vacation.... My daughter had gotten married by the judge a few years back, but wanted to get married by the church, so she had her wedding... I am so proud she is so pretty..... I am including a picture of her and my son-in-law... Just to brag, i am a proud mama.... :lol: