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    When is easter anyway?

    I always get confused on the holidays that don't have set dates. What date is Easter this year?
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    Soap crayons

    Any one have a recipe for these?
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    Reaccuring dreams

    Lately I've been having a lot of dreams about my teeth falling out or being loose. I've had this dream 5 or 6 times in the last couple of months. The next morning I have to check my teeth and make sure they are all there because the dream is so vivid. Anyone know what this might mean? Anyone...
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    Baby name suggestions

    I'm due to have my baby girl in july. We haven't picked a name yet, so I'm looking for suggestions.
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    Sweetening my lip balms

    I heard that i can add stevia to my lip balms to sweeten them. Does anyone else do this? How much should I add?
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    Just trying to get to know everyone

    Hello! I guess I might as well make my introduction post. I'm Margi. I live in Detroit, but will be moving to Sacramento in the next couple of month due to my husbands job. I'm pregnant right now, expecting a baby girl in july. I love soap making. I've been making m&p for years, but just...