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    1st time I'm HP soaping

    It has been a few months since I have had time to soap. I was planning on giving CP soap for Christmas gift but I ran out of time. I figured I would try to HP soap today. My soap has been in the crockpot forever and it still seems to be zapping. Is something wrong with my recipe that I am...
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    Too early for Christmas soaping?

    Well after losing my job last fall due to the company closing the office that I worked in for 13 years everyone on my Christmas shopping list received mostly homemade gifts from myself and my husband, which they loved. I will be doing mainly homemade gifts again this year with the exception of...
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    Please help me decide....colorants

    I have sat at my computer for two days now and still haven't made up my mind on which colorants to buy. I really don't want anything that is going to morph. I just had an ugly morphing incident the other day. I want something that will be as close to the true color as possible. Do most prefer...
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    My first cp ITP with MP embeds!

    I'm so excited how this turned out! I have been wanting to try ITP swirl and finally decided to just do it. It's coconut scented...smells so good! Sorry for the crappy picture. I just cut the soap a few minutes ago and got really excited to share a picture. It sort of reminds me of marbled...
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    My first soaping heartbreak

    I'm so upset I made my first batch of soap on 4/8/15. It has looked good for the last few weeks. Tonight I went to move it around for the air circulation, just like I do all the time. Well...I think I am seeing DOS on them now. I will have to take a better look in the morning but I am pretty...
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    I need help with oils..Please

    My hubby is so great...He went shopping today and came home with a gallon of oil for me to use when I am making soap. I was talking about getting some 100% olive oil a couple of days ago and he came home with this... I don't know how to put that in the soap calculator. Can someone PLEASE help...
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    Nailed it!....Not really, lol.

    Let me just start by saying that I am soooooo glad that I am one of those people that can laugh at themselves...flaws and all. Keep in mind I have only made 2 batches of cp to date. I was searching online at some cp soaping and came across end some leopard spots cp soaps. Of course I immediately...
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    Sooo excited....My 1st and 2nd time

    I have looked , searched, read and read some more before finally jumping in and making 2 small batches of cp soap. I know that they aren't anything compared to what you all make...but I'm quite happy with them. Now I just have to wait for them to cure and then I can try them out. LOL...As soon...
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    Question about SLS

    Being new to soap making B&B products...I placed a big order for some supplies.....one item was liquid SLS.....1 gallon of it. Now I am reading how bad it is :shock: Is there anything that I can use it for? I don't want to waste it or money. When I bought it my thinking was that I could use it...
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    Hi everyone :D !!!! Love the forum!!!.....been lurking for a while. I'm pretty new to soap making, and for now I am only making MP soap. One of these days I hope to try making some CP. Can't wait to be inspired by everyone!