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    Coconut Oil for Laundry

    Yup! Plain coconut soap disolves fine in cold or hot water. I grated the soap and let it dry a day. Then I mixed 1 pound of the soap with 2 cups borax, 2 cups washing soda and 1 cup biz. I ran it through the blender and it is perfect. Sudsy
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    Coconut Oil for Laundry

    I just grated up my all coconut soap and plan use it dry this time. I always add about 1/4 cup white vinegar and just a touch of Downy(2 Tablespoons) to the final rinse. The clothes smell nice and fresh. The coconut soy soap was stinky..I threw it out! I am expecting the powdered form to...
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    Weekend Soap Pot :Nov 7,8,9

    I'm making laundry soap and also goatsmilk with oats and scented with delicious orange essential oil. Seriously need to buy supplies to continue soapmaking. Sudsy Bubbles
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    1st Milk & Honey Soap

    Beautiful!!! I love the mold too! The color make the soap look nice and creamy. Sudsy Bubbles
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    Me again! With another question.

    Coconut and palm both tend to overheat in my soap. I use a lot of coconut and palm because it make such a nice hard bar. I rarely cover my soap except to help the corners of the mold to gel. Honey,beeswax,sugar and milk also cause overheating and cracks. Been there...done that...
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    Coconut Oil for Laundry

    Hummm...Nobody told me you can't use all coconut so that what I do because it doesn't have any odor to it. I just grate about a pound of it and add washing soda and borax. I think it disolves much easier without the other oils. I recently tried adding plain vegetable oil and soaped it at 0%...
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    Snow Drift Farm Fragrance Oils

    Hi Boopie...sorry but I just saw your post. I have used a few of their FO's and I'm sure that they were strong and stuck with the cp but I am positive I used more per pound. It's been a while but I never use less than 3/4 to 1 oz per pound in cp. I like lots of scent. Maybe less would be ok for...
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    Air Bubbles !!

    Beachgurl...be sure you have safety glasses on when you tap the mold to smooth out the soap. It can easily splash into you eyes, Ask me how I know! Sudsy Bubbles
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    Shea Butter

    Thanks Deda. I guess that will go on my wish list. Sudsy Bubbles
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    "Large Scale" Tips & Tricks

    Man... are you ever creative and thrifty! Did you learn how to do all this by trial and error? Sudsy Bubbles
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    in need of major help!!!

    I agree with reallyrita that the soap might not be safe to use. It almost looks as if it curdled the milk. Better to be safe than sorry. Sudsy Bubbles
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    Stewing Plant Essence In Lard

    I've only tried this once and it came out nice. I added my essential oil to the lard before mixing in my lye solution. The spearmint scent was awesome for a 100% lard soap! I would think you could do the same with plant material but probably won't get much scent from it. It might even...
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    Shea Butter

    Where is the best place to buy shea butter? I am interested in whipped shea and read the post about "blocks or chunks of shea". I thought it was soft. Is it more in the form like a hard chunk of tallow? I have bought it before but maybe it already had something added to it. Thanks Sudsy...
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    my favorite lotion receipes #1

    Thank you Monet...that is kind of you to share. I've not made much lotion except with a pre-made base so I am excited about trying your recipe. I have to get some ingredients but I'll let you know how it turns out. Sudsy Bubbles
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    Goat soap ya'll

    Very nice! I have never used aloe instead of water. You have inspired me to try...off to Wal-Mart. Sudsy B
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    Sandalwood FO........I need one!!!

    I like Sweetcakes sandalwood but I also add just a touch of cedarwood and patchouli. Sudsy Bubbles
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    Will this work?

    Seems like I have heard never to use essential oils on cats. Does anyone know if that is true? Sudsy Bubbles
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    My veggie soaps are very mild when I cut them but the lard and tallow soaps seem just a little harsh when first cut. I always soap at 4-5% lye discount on both unless making soap for laundry use. I wait one to two weeks before using any of them. Sudsy Bubbles
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    Best Forum EVER!

    Thanks everyone. I am having a great time here! Sudsy Bubbles
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    Cracking soap

    oops I didn't read that close enough. You said it didn't crack until it started drying. Maybe there was too little water and too many hard oils in the formula...or maybe it cracked from heat and they patched the crack and later it cracked again...can you tell I have no idea? Sudsy Bubbles