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  1. Carly B

    What am I doing wrong?

    In terms of you adding more water and it not fitting the mold, just downsize the recipe in SoapCalc to accommodate additional water.
  2. Carly B

    Batch gone wrong

    I thought for a brine bar you needed to dissolve the salt before you mixed it in the lye. Would that have any effect?
  3. Carly B

    Mold Capacity

    M&P soap is close in density to water, I think. When I did M&P, I would weigh the mold empty, then weigh it filled with water. The weight of the water would be roughly equivalent to the weight of the M&P base you would use. Maybe not exact, but pretty close.
  4. Carly B

    What supplies are and aren't necessary?

    I think it's very much a personal thing--not only your preferences, but also your market and your budget. If you are excited to try things, try them. One of the reasons we do this is because it's fun. And you may find something you really like doing, or something that is quite popular that...
  5. Carly B

    Advice on beginning colorants and where to buy them, please!

    Nurture also has galleries where they show what the mica looks like in both M&P and CP soap. AND they have a color blender, where you enter the names of two of their micas, and it will show you what the blend would look like at 3:1 or 50/50. I find her galleries especially helpful.
  6. Carly B

    Re-using trimmings

    Or you could make confetti soap. I save all mine in a plastic tub and when I have enough I mix them into soap batter.
  7. Carly B

    Record keeping and notations

    I use OneNote (I don't sell, so my notes aren't as detailed as they would be if I did). I have tabs like "Soap Recipes to Try," "Useful info," "Soaps Made" etc. I can make up recipes in Soapcalc and print them to OneNote, then once I make the soap, I move that page to Soaps Made and name it...
  8. Carly B

    Sales on companies FO for CP soap

    I agree with @Ashleigh, I've never seen FOs with 50% - 60% off. Soapmaking is not the most inexpensive of hobbies, and if you don't sell for regularly for an income stream, not only will you end up having more soap than you know what to do with, you will spend far more than you make. (ask me...
  9. Carly B

    Sales on companies FO for CP soap

    No regularly timed sales, but if you sign up, you'll get an email. Sometimes you don't get a lot of notice, tho. Sometimes the free shipping sale only lasts a day or two. Does anyone here get an email from Oregon Trails? I've tried signing up a couple times and nothing. In her last post on...
  10. Carly B

    Perfect numbers?

    Thank you, everyone. I'm having so much fun experimenting. It's as much fun as cooking only less calories. :nodding: Just wish I didn't need to wait so long to test the results. :)
  11. Carly B

    Orange blossom and vanilla specks

    Your swirlies on top are gorgeous. :thumbs:
  12. Carly B

    Help troubleshooting

    If you want to make a floral scented soap, going by what the very experienced ladies have said, your best bet might be to try a different fragrance. A lot of florals cause problems. I have used Persephone's Kiss from Nurture several times with no problem, and even friends who have said they...
  13. Carly B

    Perfect numbers?

    Today I made my first soap in three weeks. HUZZAH!!!! But something has been puzzling me. I know the hardness, cleansing, bubbly, conditioning, etc. numbers in soap calc are comparative guidelines; some have said they are relatively meaningless. I've found them confusing at best---sometimes...
  14. Carly B

    Emu oil soap

    I LOVE emu oil in products, but it's expensive. I've never used it in CP soap due to that (I don't sell), but when I do rebatch I add some, and I've even added some to M&P in years past. It's also fabulous in lotions and creams. I don't know how lye would change it, but when I use it in...
  15. Carly B


    Take some time and play with a soap calculator . Once you get comfortable with one, you can make as much or as little soap as you want using whatever oils you want. I've made batches as little as 2 bars to try out a particular oil combo (or lack of combo, as for a single oil soap). As to...
  16. Carly B


    I love Nurture fragrances and micas. Persephone's Kiss gets rave reviews, even from people who tell me they don't like floral. I also LOVE Vanilla Fraiche. Peace and Love is fabulous (a dupe of Lush's Olive Branch). It's on sale now because it's being reformulated because the lotion usage...
  17. Carly B

    Trying to find a scent

    I hate paying shipping costs, even though if they don't charge it's factored in to the price. I mostly get fragrances and micas from Nurture---she has the best Lush dupes as well as regular fragrances, (things on sale now because she's reformulating some) and gorgeous micas AND $30 gets you...
  18. Carly B

    Trying to find a scent

    Butterfly is probably the fragrance by Hana Mori (spelled something like that). I had a dupe of it years ago. A company called Scentworks had it, but they've been gone for a long time. They had some amazing perfume dupes I haven't been able to find since.:( I think a few suppliers still have...
  19. Carly B

    RT CP soap making question

    Room temp is my guess from the second post.
  20. Carly B

    Coconut Oil Soap

    Thanks, everyone. The oil mostly reabsorbed, and it hardened quickly (no surprise there) and has come cleanly out of the mold. :dance: Animara, I did use grams when I made it. I set the Soap Calc for 6 oz of oil, but used the grams when pouring out the actual ingredients. Nanette--what is...