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  1. TheGecko

    No stir Palm in bulk WSP

    Exactly my point.
  2. TheGecko

    Hello from Cali

  3. TheGecko

    Homemade Vanilla Stabilizer?

    @Todd Ziegler First of all...thank you for your willingness to experiment and an even bigger thank you for sharing your experiments with us. May I suggest patenting the Ziegler Vanilla Color Stabilizer...I would be happy to donate to the cost. Second...I am sorry that I had previously ignored...
  4. TheGecko

    My 4th and 5th try! Not so bad!

    Well done!
  5. TheGecko

    Working with Discoloring FOs

    If I am using a FO that discolors to brown, I generally embrace it...in whole or part depending on the level of discoloration. Something like Autumn Harvest discolors to dark brown so I just leave it. The amount of TD that it would take to offset the discoloration would lead to a thick trace and...
  6. TheGecko

    Bonjour everybody!

    You're fine. To use Google Translate, just type "french to english" in Chrome and then copy/paste the text. From your post I got: My name is Catherine and I live in France, near Brest in Brittany. I started making soap 6 years ago in my small kitchen. I use olive oil, coconut oil, shea...
  7. TheGecko

    Trying to troubleshoot shrink wrapping

    Blow dryer
  8. TheGecko

    Bonjour everybody!

    Bienvenue Catherine. J'utilise une recette similaire, mais avec de l'huile de palme ajoutée. And no, I don't speak French. Google Translate.
  9. TheGecko

    No stir Palm in bulk WSP

    Excellent point. I just checked their website and from what I am reading, even in bulk sizes, it should come in an 'airtight container'. A bag in a box would not qualify. I would definitely call them.
  10. TheGecko

    Happy SoapDay To Me 🧼🍰

    Happy Soap Day! Technically, I made my first soap about 6 years ago, It was a Soap Making “class” through our local community college. I put class in quotes, because there wasn’t a lot of instruction. We made soap from Olive Oil, Coconut Oil and Cisco Shortening and I mixed my Lye Solution in a...
  11. TheGecko

    Oregon Groves LLC saying hello

    Welcome. I used to live in Southern Oregon...around Roseburg. Currently located mid-Willamette Valley. A good supplier is Shay and Company. They are located southside Portland off I-205 and have Will Call and Ship. I have not been disappointed in any of their products and the customer...
  12. TheGecko

    No stir Palm in bulk WSP

    WSP is in Ohio and you're in Washington...delivery trucks generally aren't heated. Let the box sit in the house for a few days and get to room temp. If it's still hard, head over to your local hardware store and rent a jack hammer. :p
  13. TheGecko

    Please HELP me

    Your soaps are very pretty. As to your issues: Scale: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00NX47YP4/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 $13.95 Pounds, Ounces, Grams to two decimal points. I used to like flakes over beads because I could hear them as they dissolved, especially...
  14. TheGecko

    First Soap - what's wrong with this?

    I didn't catch that it was still too soft...at 23 days. I would guess at this point that you messed up in your measurements somewhere...too much water, too much oil, not enough lye. If it was me, I'd toss it and start again. I would also look at getting a 4" Square Silicone Mold so you don't...
  15. TheGecko

    Avoiding Gel Phase

    Yes, alcohol can cause wrinkles. If you’re going to chill your soap, you really don’t need to spray.
  16. TheGecko

    First Soap - what's wrong with this?

    I would hazard to guess that something separated and then dried out. As an aside, folks usually unmold their soap within a couple of days. I’ve gone four days in the mold because of the weather, but 23 days in the mold is a little long.
  17. TheGecko

    Why is this happening

    Looks a bit like your soap gelled on the edges near the edge and center.
  18. TheGecko

    another indictment against palm oil

    They have each other.
  19. TheGecko


    I'm still having troubles and I have a Degree in this crap. I'm thinking that I'm just going to pay a company to do all my initial set up and go from there. But it's have to wait for a couple of months.
  20. TheGecko

    another indictment against palm oil

    A few things here: 1) The title of the article is deliberate, it is meant to evoke outrage: Oh those poor women and children...being abused because of gasp...make up. The fact is, of the top 15 products (Biodiesel, Biscuits, Chocolate, Cookies, Detergent, Face wash, Ice cream, Instant Noodles...