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  1. Arimara

    Calendula infused olive oil & ylang ylang

    Calendula, to be honest, I have only used once and that was infused in oil for soap. I loved that soap so I think its worth a shot to try. As for ylang ylang, I can't say I remember being fond of it.
  2. Arimara

    Is this recipe okay?

    I never use grapeseed oil due to the shelf life- it's short. If you want to use the grapeseed oil, go ahead but keep that usage down but keep a bar to observe for DOS. You can also allocate that oil's percentage to the olive oil if you want. I do have one question- why are you making such a big...
  3. Arimara

    Dad's Leftover Turkey Pot Pie

    If you try it, I hope you enjoy it.
  4. Arimara

    Macaron lotion bars (third time’s the charm!)

    That's so evil. I want a macaron now. They look scrumptious.
  5. Arimara

    EO vs FO: Thoughts???

    No offense but the best thing for sensitive skins is not to assume that case is the same. My daughter has very sensitive skin and I would not use EOs for her as they actually irritated her skin. I also won't use FOs with her unless neither of us have a reaction of any kind. I also point out that...
  6. Arimara

    can melt and pour make "pretty soaps"

    Check out this channel. He also makes CP as well.
  7. Arimara

    Burnt oils

    Perhaps too, you should consider a smaller batch of soap like 500g, if you're a newer soaper? 1500g is a lot.
  8. Arimara

    Attention Patchouli Lovers

    Camden Grey is fantastic, especially for us on the East Coast but they have a minimum order amount of $50. If @Jersey Girl is still in NJ, she's likely be paying closer to $80 for that EO.
  9. Arimara

    Cocoa Butter - too much in this recipe?

    You need to actually post your recipe, especially if your link is private. Since we posted at the same time, I use 25% cocoa butter. You're fine.
  10. Arimara

    Cp+melt and pour in one batch?

    Mind providing a link for the product? I've seen people use CP and M&P together and a crumbly base is a little suspect in my head.
  11. Arimara

    Cp+melt and pour in one batch?

    Where are you getting your M&P? It might be helpful to know.
  12. Arimara

    Sean Connery

    Dementia had its way with him so there's that.
  13. Arimara

    This is not soap - syndet bar

    Oh, my bad then. In any case, I'm glad you posted the link. I sometimes can never find my bookmark.
  14. Arimara

    Celebrating Bob Ross!

    Let me not kid myself- that was stunning.
  15. Arimara

    This is not soap - syndet bar

    @earlene That's a subscriber exclusive article. I can't see it.
  16. Arimara

    Difference in olive oil

    Go with it, espceially if it saves you some coin. With the exception of pomace, it really doesn't matter.
  17. Arimara

    Trial by fire: I can't make it work!

    Do you have a pic of the soap, @lenarenee ?
  18. Arimara

    Whipped soap

    It would surprised you. You could give it a shot to find out.
  19. Arimara

    Weird soap

    Maybe give it the week and see later? These things do happen.
  20. Arimara

    Stick blender vs whisk/spoon/spatula

    Averages are just estimates and are sometimes wrong but I'm also less apt to using lemon in a soap. I prefer not having variables that are not consistent. Going back to your first post, A stick blender's blade moves a lot faster than you can with a whisk. You would need to mix with a whisk for...