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  1. jules92207

    Recommendations for true sea salt/marine FO

    I like the Salty Sailor from Daystar too, I use my homemade celery salt in salt bars with it for a similar effect as IrishLass, it added a bit more “green” to the notes. I love it.
  2. jules92207

    Oregon Trails fragrance oils

    Yessss - I was just getting ready to order more Bonsai, thanks for adding to my list ❤️
  3. jules92207

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Made my first neem oil, frankincense and myrrh soap. What a potent combination. I had a request for 40 bars so that’s all I got to yesterday.
  4. jules92207

    YOUR most popular fragrances

    You’re so sweet, I just got OT’s to try, I’m gonna go for it and just hope it’s close. I love that scent. ❤️
  5. jules92207

    YOUR most popular fragrances

    cmzaha have you compared BB Bonsai to OT Bonsai? I just discovered BB discontinued theirs and I was looking to replace it with maybe OT’s but I’m curious how different they might be.
  6. jules92207

    Blue Agave- Nurture Soap

    Oh I have this and haven’t soaped with it yet. I’m excited to try it! Love the swirls, beautiful soap!
  7. jules92207

    SMF September 2019 Challenge - Linear Swirl

    1. szaza - hmmm.. to hp or not to hp? 2. dibbles - I’ll worry about what we can do later. I’m in. 3. MarnieSoapien - This looks like fun! 4. SYT - I'll give it a go! 5. Mobjack Bay - I’m clueless, but I can’t resist! 6. steffamarie - I simply adore swirls like this. Can't wait! 7. Kiti Williams...
  8. jules92207

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    I made three soaps today - Eucalyptus Tea Tree coconut soap, Bonsai from BB, and caramel honey from Nurture. I haven’t been soaping much in the last year, it was really nice to get back into the groove.
  9. jules92207

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    Y’all I’ve been a bit absent with my crazy life but I finally got to making some soap and bath bombs last weekend! Plan to keep up a plan of at least two batches a week, I think that’s a healthy goal for my crazy life [emoji4] Last weekend I made Eucalyptus Spearmint from WSP and Bite Me from...
  10. jules92207

    February SMF Challenge Entry Thread- Soap Stones

    Omg these soaps are amazing! As I minored in geology this challenge was right up my alley, but then I got that stupid cold/flu thing and have been sick almost two weeks. [emoji24] I am loving the entries though! So much creativity in this group. [emoji173]️
  11. jules92207

    Hello from Japan!

  12. jules92207

    Who is your favourite YT soaper?

    I need to up my YT game, looks like I’m subscribed to Royalty Soaps, Ariane Arsenault, evesgardensoaps, vibrant soap, and soap queen, but I follow a few others on Instagram like soap.ish, does Tania have a YouTube? I definitely need to follow that, I love her work
  13. jules92207

    February Challenge- Soap Stones

    1. Misschief - I REALLY want to try this! 2. Primrose - Wow what a cool tutorial! 3. Dawni - I think I can finally have a go at a challenge 4. Hendejm - I am going to plan better this month! 5. Geniash - So excited to try this! 6. Meena - This challenge may be one that I'm actually capable of...
  14. jules92207

    OMG! It's been 6 months!

    I’ve struggled hard the last year since we moved. I get spouts of motivation, I recently did a bunch of wedding favors for a friend but ended up doing melt and pour cause I couldn’t get motivated in enough time to make CP. I guess life just has its peaks and valleys and my soap passion is...
  15. jules92207

    What soapy thing have you done today?

    We are tearing out our kitchen and old asbestos this week so Sunday I did a marathon soap session since I don’t know when I’ll have a kitchen again. I cut all my batches last night and found one of my batches has a hidden male anatomy design in a couple bars which had me cracking up [emoji38]...
  16. jules92207

    Aug 2018 SMF Challenge - Dancing Funnel Pour

    Well I suck and haven’t made my soap yet, but I still plan to, I just will miss the deadline to enter. Can’t find my big squeeze bottles so i still need to pick some up tonight
  17. jules92207

    Post your happy

    I’m happy I’m on vacation this week, and today I brought a truckload of new baby stuff donated by my niece for a friend who’s on bedrest and not bringing in the normal income she gets due to it, so I feel so lucky I could help her get ready for her sweet baby girl. [emoji173]️
  18. jules92207

    Post your Gripe

    I’m so sorry Dean. [emoji22]
  19. jules92207

    What are you Procrastinating

    Actually making soap. This has been the worse year for me as far as actually producing soap. I finally finished the dishes last night so I can make it, I’m on vacation this week and had big plans to make lots of soap but so far nothing has happened. I don’t know what my problem is, buying a...